Food Again-and other musings

Ryu commented yesterday about my eating plan so I thought I would comment back.

Also, please check out our (yours and mine) forum regarding this topic.  Lots of new members came on board yesterday.  YIPEEEEE!

I’m really glad people care enough to comment although I hope I’m not being a drama queen.  Oh well, this is a blog about my life and this is what I’m thinking about at the moment.

I think the idea of eating tuna is good…I have a lot of tuna on hand already too…I was saving it as survival food in case there was an earthquake or something.  I don’t want to eat it too many days in the week though because they say it’s not good to do that because of poisons in the water…I can’t remember which ones.  So I would do that twice a week tops, I think.

The thought of eating a can of beans is horrible though!!  Ugh!  I will if I’m starving though.  As far as hummus goes, I will have to check the labels again.  I think the kind I get is made with chickpeas.  I avoid soy like the plague.  Plague is an iodine inhibitor and it almost always comes from genetically modified plants.  Ugh.

I like rice a lot but I don’t cook in the van.  If I really want to I can get it pre-cooked at Trader Joe’s but then I’d have to eat it cold.  I’ll only do that if I’m starving.  Everything tastes good when you’re starving.

I DO have access to a place that gives away free food.  My friend MH has mentioned it to me a few times.  I rode my bike down there last week.  I was supposed to meet MH down there because he said there was a guy down there that would look over my bike and maybe fix up anything that was wrong with it.  I had had forgotten though and MH was already gone when I got there late.  Anyway, there were plenty of men there, hardly any women.  I didn’t go in, just rode around a couple of times.  The men hanging about are all friendly-but I don’t think you can be too friendly back.  Some of those guys are looking for someone to hustle.  Whatever that means…but it can’t be good.  I’ll go back when MH is there.

I think of MH as kind of a protector.  Like a brother.  He’s a good man, not looking to hustle me or anything.  He runs The Colony.  I haven’t been to The Colony in a while.  I’m such a snob.  🙂  Actually, I just like to move around and as I’ve mentioned, The Colony is in a bad part of town.  I’ll probably go there to sleep tonight though so I can connect with MH and coordinate when I should get to the food place-when he will be there.  I hope I won’t cramp his style being his shadow over there!

Also, my friend CS has said she doesn’t want me to go to this food place because of the poor food quality.  Naturally, they aren’t serving organic food over there so I will be getting poisoned while filling my belly.  So she has said a couple of times that I should come to her house every day for a meal instead of going to the food place.  I’m at her house almost daily watering her plants and hanging out already.  I may take her up on this offer.  She doesn’t eat wheat or dairy so it’s a match made in heaven.  I ate there last night.  Turkey Chili and some non-gluteny bread with pumpkin butter on it.  Yum!  I cleaned up her bathroom and vacuumed her living room in return for this.  She didn’t ask me to do this.  I just don’t feel right taking without giving back.  She has shoulder trouble so many types of cleaning are difficult for her, particularly where you have to rotate your shoulder….which is almost everything.

I like this arrangement very much…an informal barter system…aka friendship.  It’s what a community of people are supposed to do when one of their members is having trouble and I have done it for others.  Still, I am so darn independent.  I always feel uneasy about it on some level.

I also am a little afraid of how comfortable I am being poor.  It’s really scary how low I will let myself go.  I actually WANT to live in a tent in the woods and forage for food.  I have a feeling though, that it wouldn’t be super easy to find food around here.  It would be a constant struggle to survive.  But that seems to be where I’m headed, if things continue as they are.

I promised one of my daughters I would never live in the street, but I never said I wouldn’t live in the woods.

PS.  I’m not sure why, but my comments are disabled for this thread.  I’m sorry…I have no idea how to fix this….please comment on previous thread if you like and I will try to get this taken care of.

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