Follow Up on Homeless Newspaper-It’s working

A year and a half ago,  I linked to a story of a great idea for helping homeless folks earn money.  

How it works is businesses sponsor a newspaper about homeless issues and such by paying for advertising.  Then homeless folks can become vendors, paying 25 cents per paper (they get their first batch of newspapers for free) and selling them for $1 and keeping the difference.

This article claims that the project has gone quite well.  People who can’t get jobs because of prior convictions can get a second chance.  That’s a great thing.  You get your first batch of papers for free but obviously if you don’t sell your newspapers or if you take the proceeds and buy drugs/alcohol with them without taking out money to pay for new newspapers to sell, you’re done.  Good program.  Please do read more here and spread the word about this.  I would love to see this program in my city.  Maybe someone from there will read this and start it up.  That would be neat!

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  1. Ryu says:

    Interesting story. I think Tampa would rather eliminate the homeless than serve them. That is the modern trend.

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