Fishing for Money

I’ve always wanted to fish in trash cans for bottles and cans to recycle.  I never had anyone     to help me though so I didn’t.  Now I have a friend who has done it before and he is showing me the ropes.

I don’t absolutely NEED to do this to eat.  I can eat at the soup kitchen.  I just prefer to work for my food if work is available.  So..I can spend my free time surfing the net or earning money for food by searching for cans in the trash.

It’s dirty work.  My friend D was kind enough to do most of the dirty work.  Here’s how we did it.  There were these very large plastic trash cans at the beach.  He tipped them so he could get inside them.  My job was to hold the cover up so it didn’t hit him in the head.  He would get the cans and bottles and toss them onto the ground.  Then when he’d gotten them all out, I would hold the bag open (it was windy so harder than it sounds) so he could toss the cans and bottles inside.  We had to work quickly because apparently it is illegal to fish in trash cans on the beach.  This is because many of the people who do it, don’t clean up after themselves and ruin for all of us.

He had to drain the liquid out of a lot of the bottles and cans and when he found a water bottle he would use the water in it to rinse the sand and sticky stuff (beer and soda) off his hands.  He said it’s also a good idea to grab a piece of clothing or something to wrap around your hand so as you are scrounging around in the trash you don’t cut your hand on glass or get stuck with a needle!

I think it’s important to go early in the morning before other people get out there.

Walking on sand is tiring too.  I’d rather stick with flat surfaces.

We probably won’t do it this morning because we both are sick with upper respiratory stuff so we are going to rest.  I hope to get back to it again when we are healthy.

Oh I almost forgot.  We only did this for less than an hour and we made 6 bucks.  We’ll make more on flat surfaces.  It’s not much money but if we could do it for a couple of hours a day when we aren’t busy, it’s lunch money for us.  Why not?

Oh, and you get really dirty with it so showering afterwards is a MUST!




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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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  1. Ryu says:

    Good job! So adventurous! When will you be going dumpster diving?

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