EV-EBITDA-A good way to find stocks

I read this article on the famous or infamous Jim Cramer’s website in 2008.  I am trying to develop a formula for investing so I don’t have to think too much and so I don’t choose to buy or sell stocks based on emotion.

If you take the time to check out the stocks the author of the article recommends you will see that a couple of them did rather poorly over time (so far)  and a couple of them did super well.  Nothing is perfect of course.  You just do your best and then leave them alone.  Technically once one has chosen, they probably shouldn’t look again at their portfolio for a year.  Just let it simmer right?

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  1. Ryu says:

    You need a system. This system ought to give you a mathematical edge. Something repeatable. Not just going by feelings, but with math, like a computer.

    Reading a graph, relate it back to people. “People were excited and buying like crazy, then, they got scared and sold…”

    I read that in a book on trading. Be able to tell a story about what is happening.

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