Dollar Stores for Food?

If you are or have been a dollar store or 99 cent store eater, please tell us about it.

For myself, I really like their teas, sardines and tuna and I have even gotten organic vegetables there! They also have peanut butter, cheese, coffee…lots of stuff you can get at a grocery store. They have tons of candy and soda too but I try to stay away from those.

I prefer organic food, but I can’t always get it so I’m glad to know these types of stores are around.

Please tell me what you like at these stores.

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4 Responses to Dollar Stores for Food?

  1. Michelle says:

    Its funny you mentioned that. My job asked me to go to dollar tree to pick up some items and I bought for myself 11 cans of their food. Sandy the terror was coming and I wanted to stock up in case. I bought Yams ,olives potatoes green beans and a can of cat food. Not for me but Mr Kitty. Yams were good. I added sea salt and threw them in the fry pan. I havent tasted anything else yet but will update.

  2. Grocery store food:

    When I was traveling across country I’d go to the grocery store and get like 2 slices of roast beef, 2 slices of cheese and a container of yogurt.

    99 cent store

    Tuna and crackers in a container
    1 premade salad
    1 tin of blueberries


    A lot of times in the food aisle have GREAT clearance deals. They have nuts 2 for $1 and many other things you could eat for damn cheap. CVS also has what they call a green card. If you buy stuff 3 days in a row and there is NO minimum, so purchase could be .25, the next day you get a $1 off Rewards card. You could use that dollar to buy nuts, seeds, or a small box of crackers to go with tuna.

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