10 Reasons Why Homeless People Choose To Be Homeless OR Do Homeless People Choose to be Homeless?

Below is an article I read today.  I’m not sure if the title is appropriate because  having access to a shelter doesn’t make someone “not homeless”.  I think the title should be

10 Reasons Why Homeless People Do Not Choose to Stay in a Shelter.

God knows, I want nothing to do with a shelter or most homeless people.

I’ve been a Christian for a long time.  Are we Christians doing enough to help these people? Are we providing the right kind of help?  Am I rambling again?


The following are some of the main reasons why homeless people choose homelessness over the available services:


1. Safety
Many homeless people avoid using shelter services for fear that their personal safety could be compromised. Whilst most shelters take precautions where practical they are often run, through necessity, on skeleton staff levels of volunteers who are likely not professionally qualified to deal with violent conduct and as such cannot guarantee personal safety. There may well be violent offenders, addicts and mentally imbalanced individuals sharing the room in which you would be expected to sleep.


2. Personal belongings
Homeless people travel light. They own very little and you can be sure that the few things they do possess and carry are either necessary for their survival or they consider the items very precious. They protect the few belongings that they do have tenaciously. Most shelters do not have secure storage available which means that personal belongings can be left lying around and vulnerable to theft.


3. Pets
Homeless people are socially excluded. If they are spoken to at all by the general population it is more often than not to be jeered at. Sometimes they can go weeks, months or even years without speaking to a single soul. This isolation can be one of the most difficult aspects homeless people have to deal with. Many would rather share what little food they can gather with a dog in exchange for the companionship they provide than be completely alone. It is not hard to understand why they would be reluctant to give this up but very few shelters or state supported accommodation programs make provisions for pets.

For more reasons, see below.


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