Cops and Me-Back in January

Not my hands


I can’t believe it’s been 4 days since I posted last.  Time flies and all that.

Lately I have been mostly working, sleeping, eating, working, sleeping, eating.

Oh and I have to bring my van into the shop AGAIN.  At least I have a little money for repairs now.  Yay!  Just in time!  Money is getting better and better all the time for me.  Downside?  I’m tired!

I did go somewhere this week and see a man who has had some success fighting over-zealous cops in courts.

I don’t remember if I told you but my (x-now) boyfriend and I got hassled by cops back in January.  I probably didn’t tell you all because I was kind of frazzled by it and I didn’t know how to explain it.  Here goes.

I think someone just didn’t like us walking through their fancy neighborhood (maybe because we didn’t have the right labels on our clothes or something?) and called in a FAKE report.  I’m not going to tell you what it was because I don’t want to cast any shadows on my character, even if they are not true.  Needless to say, after wasting my time for probably a half our or more, they let us go.  We don’t have any crime convictions in our past or whatever and they didn’t have any evidence against us.

It’s amazing that some jerk can ruin my day like that by just calling the police.  It was kind of scary but I realize in retrospect that I could have just walked away from the police after showing them my identification.  They needed to either arrest me or let me go.  I kind of knew I could walk away but I messed up because I didn’t wish to show them my ID at first and that got them all wound up and I had to place my hands on the police car.  (oops, hehe)  They may have frisked me too….it’s all I blur, I imagine they must have but can’t remember for sure.  I do remember threatening to sue them but they probably hear that all the time.

I think I know who called in the lie….but I can’t prove it so I’m not going to pursue it.  I’d like to sue someone.  There should be consequences for bearing false witness against people.

So this guys said he would have a free workshop to learn how to sue cops and I’m going to go and take notes.  You never know when someone you know may need this information. (or when I might)

Maureen’s tip for the day:  Someone once told me if the cops start asking you questions you should not answer them without an attorney present.  Your words can get you into hot water sometimes, even if you are innocent.  Just say, I have nothing to say.   5 words.


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3 Responses to Cops and Me-Back in January

  1. Ryu says:

    The cops are not your friends. They should never be trusted. The first thing they will do is ask for ID. They will ask “how are you doing?” or “can I help you?” They will always put off the arrest until the very end, so you’ll give them everything you’ve got before then. They give the “hope” that you might get off.

    Never make threats you can’t carry out. It tips off the mark. That’s the discipline. I know if feels good to fight back, but you have to resist that urge.

    If you “think” you know who called it in, you know. Trust your instinct. Things do not just happen for no reason at all. Especially timings. Just put it under your hat for the time when you’re given the opportunity.

  2. fratermus says:

    “Am I free to go?”

    • Maureen says:

      Ha ha! Another 5 words! I must remember those!

      Ryu- yes you are probably right that I KNOW. It happened right in front of his house and he is a cop caller. I saw this the other day. I just have no idea how to use the information. I don’t know that the guy is a BAD guy….maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. We have a friendly relationship. It’s best for my business if I keep it that way.

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