Thanks for all the great comments on my last post.  I am thinking a lot about these business topics and it helps to get feedback.

Ryu mentioned that you have to be a bit of an “asshole” to make it in business.  I used to think that too when I was at the buying side and before I was at the selling side of my own business.  If you, like me had ever been treated casually by prospective buyers and also clients, you might understand that a contract isn’t designed (at least by me) for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage but rather, to make sure that I don’t get taken advantage of.

For instance, some of my clients go on vacation….a lot.  And I lose the income from the days they are gone.  This is time I have set aside for them, so I can’t just replace the income at the drop of a hat.  So I need to protect myself.  If they want to save their place, they need to pay the same thing every month, even if they take off all the time.  That’s reasonable right?  I guess it’s kind of like having me on retainer.  Is that wrong?

I don’t really care that much.  I’m barely even a nominal Christian at this point so whose rules am I following anyway?  We have all sorts of NEW people in this country with their own rules.  I am not going to play by the old rules just so I can live in genteel poverty.  That gets old. 

I’m not saying I’m going to screw people over.  That wouldn’t feel right.  What I am going to do is protect my time AND I’m going to behave in a way that commands a little respect.  I DO know more about the field I work in than most people so I don’t want to be thought of as some replaceable commodity.  SO besides having a contract, I shall also endeavor to differentiate myself from the others who work in my field and provide VALUE VALUE VALUE.  If I don’t people can move on.  I will let the market decide.

I also want to address selling an “elite service” to elites.  Frankly, the middle class is going away.  Most people are either going to be rich or poor.  SO if I want to make the best use of my time and survive/thrive into the future, who would it be best to work with?  I’m not Walmart.  My energy and resources are limited.  Best to work less for more money, yes?

As far as intimidating people “so they feel insecure” goes, this is completely unnecessary.  Most people are already insecure so I am just giving them a good person to depend on for their particular problem (me) so they can feel better.  I’m not going to hurt them in any way…only help them.  If they don’t feel like I helped them enough, they will find someone else.  Again, the market will decide.  AND some people are never happy and that’s okay too.

Thanks for reading and giving me an excuse to write this all out.  My mind has changed about a lot of things.  I have a few things I still want in this life (travel to visit family etc.) and money is necessary for these things.  Money isn’t evil.  It is a tool that can be used for good.

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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  1. Ryu says:

    Easy tiger! Ha. Do what you must.

    There should be no lying to yourself. The popular mode today is to give things different names for things, as if it changes the substance.

    If dealing with a friend, I would not whip out the contract and jack up the price. That’s just for outsiders. There’s one code for my group, then there’s everyone else. Be assured that Tony Robbins, that 4 hour work week guy, and Guru McGuru do the same thing.

    Money is a strange thing. Have you ever considered it? One man cannot be 20x smarter, or 20x stronger than another man. He cannot live even twice as long as another. Yet, one man might have 100 billion, and another, nothing. It’s very weird. Unnatural even.

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