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A friend of mine is a little disappointed in me.  He seems to admire my simple way of life and doesn’t like to hear that I want to make more money than I am making now.

It IS cool to be able to live without much.  It makes you less submissive to the evil bosses, and consumerism.

Still, we all need comforts of various kinds.  Most people sleep in beds, for instance.  Most people like tasty food.  Do we NEED these things?  No.  But are desirable sometimes.

I think the biggest trick is figuring out how to have the things you need…and even a few things you want, without selling your soul and hating your life.

Some people are willing to do ANYTHING to be successful.  This guy Chris Sacca, (if his story is to be believed) blew his student loan money on day trading, ending up 2 million dollars in the hole.  Guess how he got out of the hole?  “Adult” websites.  Now he calls his own shots and is respected by many.  I am sure he has many comforts in his life.

I would not be willing to do what he’s done, especially the adult sites.  I want to help improve the world, not *uck it up.  So I will probably never have the comforts he has, like mansions, fancy cars or whatever.  Fortunately, I have never needed to own things like that.

BUT, I do want certain things.  A comfortable place to rest.  Privacy.  Security.  Organic food (I don’t like ingesting chemicals).  And I try to figure out how to get them with a minimum of hassle.  So I am willing to compromise a little.  I am trying to make money from this website even( I haven’t figured out the adsense thing yet, but I will!).  I don’t feel wrong about that.  I’m not tricking anyone out of their money.  If I make money from this website it will be because I have entertained or informed someone and after or as they were reading my post, they noticed something in the sidebar that interests them and they buy it.  I see nothing horrible about that.  Sure, in a perfect world, I would just give everything away for free expecting nothing, but in this very imperfect world, I throw a little ad up and hope for the best.

Unless you live in the woods on property you own and you grow or hunt for all your food and make everything you own, you are participating in this system.  We all decide how little or how much we want to invest in the system in order to get what we want out of life.  That’s just the way it is.

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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