Classes, Hypocrites and Crazy Lady

I’m told they used to give classes at the church I go to for coffee and breakfast.  I would LOVE to volunteer a couple of hours a week to help people learn computer basic and/or how to check email, blog, etc.  I guess they have computer equipment at this church.  I wonder why it isn’t being utilized.

The preacher this morning was talking about how when he first became a Christian, he was still homeless.  He was volunteering at a church but when they found out he was homeless, not only did they not want him volunteering anymore…they didn’t even want him at the church anymore.  Isn’t that horrible?  I don’t think Jesus would like that.

I had a little laugh this morning.  There’s this woman that’s always at the church and she is angry crazy, all the time.  I avoid even making eye contact with this one.  I was looking in the church’s clothing closet this morning and she was in there too, rambling about how she could find much better stuff up in ******* (a nearby city), that they even had haute couture clothing there.  Imagine that. 🙂   THEN, another homeless lady (D) who is always very pleasant, said to her, “Quiet down, you’re causing a disturbance.  In fact, you ARE a disturbance.”  Hehe.  I gotta love D for that one.  Apparently she isn’t one bit scared of the angry one, like I have been.  The angry one just grumbled some more and D and I had a good laugh.  It’s the little things sometimes.

It’s pretty surreal sometimes being with homeless people in the morning and evening and in upper income people’s homes in the middle of the day.  And I’m kinda making it work.  The thing is….we’re really all very similar.  Most people you treat kindly and get the same in return.  Some though, it doesn’t matter how kind you are to them, they are going to be jackasses.  And since a jackass is probably always going to be a jackass, you might as well have some fun with them.

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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