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Checking in

Hello Friends, I didn’t mean to drop of the face of the planet.  I’ve just been busy. Things are going pretty good here.  It’s getting a little cold at night.  Well it’s cold for this area.  It’s been in the … Continue reading

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Beachfront Property

Almost every night I sleep a few feet from the ocean (how many feet depends on whether the tide is high or low).  The cops don’t bother me and there is a public restroom within walking distance. There are two spots … Continue reading

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Staying YOU

Useful definition:  Elite-a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities. I’ve been watching documentaries lately about different time periods in history or “history”.  A lot of history is repressed of … Continue reading

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Getting Older

Warning…this is just a ramble.  I’m afraid I don’t have time to organize my thoughts but I want to check in. Sometimes I accidentally turn on the computer camera and get a surprise glimpse of myself.  I sure am getting … Continue reading

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Housing Search

So I am going through the motions of trying to find an apartment that will take my veteran housing voucher.  A lot of landlords won’t accept the voucher as it is associated with HUD and people on HUD don’t exactly … Continue reading

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Hiding My Van Status

Even after almost 4 years of living (sleeping mostly) in my van, there are still challenges.  I seem to feel the hardness of the van floor a little more than I used to.  I DID take the carpet out a … Continue reading

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Letting Go

I’ve had to let go of someone that I was spending a lot of time with.  I care about this person but he seems to have given up on having a good life.  He complains a lot.  I thought I … Continue reading

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My Trip

I got on a train and went to Berkely today.  It is nice.  I didn’t like the train ride though.  City people look angry to me.  Maybe they are stressed out. Berkeley has a small town feel.  I like small … Continue reading

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Onward and Upward!

I feel a little weird wanting to be in a “real” home again. A house or apartment will not make me happy, nor does it, in of itself make anyone happy. So why am I trying to get housed again? … Continue reading

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I’m doing pretty good working for the non-profit, so far.  The lady I work with isn’t very good with computer things so it is nice to be needed that way.  I had a little struggle with something right off the … Continue reading

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