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March 2017

Hello Friends, I hope everyone is doing well. I am ok.  I have ups and downs like everyone else. My landlady is still crazy.  A roommate has moved out as a result of it.  Very sad.  I liked my roommate. … Continue reading

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I finally got a chair for my room.  I had picked up a desk off the side of the road a few weeks ago but didn’t have a chair.  Today I got a chair.  Now I can sit and type. … Continue reading

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Feeling Good

I’ve been feeling really good lately.  I hope it lasts. I like shopping for and cooking my own food.  I kind of like cleaning house again.  I’m afraid though, that I’m only enjoying if because it’s a novelty right now.  … Continue reading

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How to Help Homeless People (or Free-Sleepers)

Pamela K. made this comment on an older post of mine and I think it’s so useful, it deserves its own post. Hello. I hope this posting finds you well and still ahead in the *game of life*. As I … Continue reading

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Staying YOU

Useful definition:  Elite-a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities. I’ve been watching documentaries lately about different time periods in history or “history”.  A lot of history is repressed of … Continue reading

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Letting Go

I’ve had to let go of someone that I was spending a lot of time with.  I care about this person but he seems to have given up on having a good life.  He complains a lot.  I thought I … Continue reading

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I’m doing pretty good working for the non-profit, so far.  The lady I work with isn’t very good with computer things so it is nice to be needed that way.  I had a little struggle with something right off the … Continue reading

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Sleeping On Concrete

born1945 / Foter / CC BY If you need to sleep on concrete and all you have is a sleeping bag or blanket, you will want to get yourself a large piece of cardboard.  In my area it is fairly … Continue reading

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Don’t Check Your Brains At The Door

I’ve noticed that many of us humans like to let others do our thinking for us. Perhaps it is a survival strategy. From what I can tell, groups have a better chance of surviving and thriving than individuals on their … Continue reading

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Decriminalizing Drugs

I thought this was an interesting article. Almost 15 years ago Portugal decriminalized drug possession and use and encouraged people to connect to their community. The article doesn’t really go into how they helped the drug addicts connect to their … Continue reading

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