I have this client who moved into a luxury apartment.  They cost as much as a lot of houses do.  They are not for me.  I guess some people like a very very clean, sterile environment. 

What I found interesting the other day was when I got out of my van to go in the building (they actually have valet parking there, but I don’t use it) in the middle of the perfection there’s this Mexican worker cooking up lunch for his crew on a little well-used butane stove. 

If you know me from this blog, you know I would never even dare eat a sandwich in this place because I would be afraid of what people would think of me and here’s this recent immigrant (I later found out he barely speaks English) cooking up a storm like he owns the place!  I’ve got to stop worrying about what people think!

Also, I wanted to know more about this little stove.  He said it only cost him around 12 dollars and the butane is 4 cans for 5 dollars and one of them (I think that’s what he said) lasts all month for cooking his lunches.  Even if it’s 4 cans that last him a month, that is a lot cheaper than charcoal and probably healthier too. 

I’m going to try to find one of these soon and test out butane cooking.  I might be embarrassed to use it in the park because it will look homeless but I’ve just got to get over it.  I want to eat healthier/cheaper more than I want to look like I want to live in a house. 

I still think about the woman in the gym who commented on me going in the shower there when I obviously hadn’t worked out first.  I think about what I could have said to her that would make her think twice before she did that to someone again.  What if I said,

“What?  Are you, the shower police?” 

This police response might be a good all purpose answer for anyone asking nosey questions. 

“What?  Are you, the picnic police?”  (for when I use my butane stove in the park)

Most people are either nice or keep their mouths shut but honestly I want to have a strong answer for the bullies. 

When I look back at my old posts I see a lot of fear.  I want to cast off all this fear and live free. 

There are a lot of tyrants and evil money grubbing scumbags in this world that are hurting people.  THEY are the ones that should be called out, not people like me.  I have a small carbon footprint, I work for a living, I’m kind and I don’t steal or do other nefarious crimes.  I hereby reject the criticism of bullies who are just looking for someone weak to take their problems out on.  Fuck ’em.

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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  1. Ryu says:

    It’s a double standard. The rich and powerful can do illegal and immoral things without a peep. The poor are chastised for the same.

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