Beachfront Property

Almost every night I sleep a few feet from the ocean (how many feet depends on whether the tide is high or low).  The cops don’t bother me and there is a public restroom within walking distance.

There are two spots actually.  The rowdy area where the big waves are is for the weekdays.  On the weekends when it gets very loud because of the nearby bars and the influx of out-of-towners, I go to a quieter spot.  I would sleep in the quieter spot all the time if I could but it’s residential so I save it for the weekends.  I still observe most of the same rules I always have for van-sleeping.  I get all my hygiene tasks out of the way before I arrive at the sleep spot and I try not to leave, even for the restroom, once I’m down for the night.  BUT, I do allow myself a walkaround at night and I generally have another walkaround (with a cup of coffee in hand) before I leave in the morning.  I usually leave by eight because after eight am you have to feed the parking meter.

It’s been awesome.  It’s a little out of my old area but gas is cheaper right now and I’m making more money.  It’s worth every penny.

My world has expanded a lot lately.  I haven’t been getting free food so I don’t see the drug addicts and crazies much except as I occasionally drive by them on the street.  I mostly forget them.  Most of the chronic, visible homeless are content enough.

There’s this one Mexican dude I know of that finally, after many years got housing.  I think he got it for being “crazy”, whatever that means.  He seems sane enough to me.  The housing was up north, where I myself may have ended up, if I had gotten with the VA housing program.  Anyway, this Mexican man who has been homeless for, I believe, at least 15 years, didn’t like living up in north county.  Says his neighbor were loud.  Imagine that.  He’d rather take his crazy check money and buy food and alcohol with it.  If his street “neighbors” get too loud, he can find a new sleep spot.  You can’t do that if you rent a place.  You’re stuck.  So this man is “homeless” again.  He seems okay with it.

I too, am much happier living in a van, on the beach, that I would be in crowded, crime ridden, graffiti colored “housing”.  The price is right too!


About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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