Back Seat

My home, or part of it

About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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  1. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the share!

  2. eyewrist says:

    Are you going to remove one of the seats? It would give you a ton of room and you can begin your minimalistic interior design carrying those things you need. I would have fun just thinking about it.
    Hmmm let’s see…
    1. Put a couple of those under bed stow-a -way plastic containers under that back seat velcroed down and bungy corded down so it wouldn’t slide
    2. A foot locker for a table to store clothing
    3. A couple of 5 gallon buckets to store nonperishable foods; hidden behind or next to that back seat,another 5 gallon bucket with a spigot to keep H2O
    4. Also a small cooler to keep some thing chilled
    5. Another tall plastic floor to ceiling five drawer system to store other miscellaneous items cups, military fork set, saucers, tioletries /medicine, cell phone/laptop etc. It would have to be screwed into place some how with heavy duty velcor on closures so they won’t open
    6. Being a woman, I would black out those side windows with either the darkest tint or spray paint with a interior latex paint that can be pealed off later and get some styrofoam to fit inside of them for the colder weather. All would be covered with contact paper (styrofoam with fabric of course) to match the interior.
    7. The floor I would put down a layer of water heater insulation covered by another piece of carpet for added insulation and sound proofing
    8. A couple of duffle bags hanging in the corners from a hook system for extra “stuff”
    9 A shower curtains to cut off the view to the back of the van and when the back/side door is opened
    10. Knives, stun gun and pepper spray on all parts of the van and on my hip something also ( but I’m not sayin what)

    Out of this list the most expensive things would be the stun gun & foot locker. All other things can be bought at wally mart or thriftstore; even better get friends to donate them and a male friend to put the drawers and carpet securely in place

  3. eyewrist says:

    I found this today Maureen. These guys do a great job at converting a van into living space

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