Back In The Van Soon

T and J’s house will probably be sold soon. I think March 6 will be the last day here. I have to make sure I get my air mattress bought before I move out and back into the van. I’ve gotten a little spoiled sleeping in a bed for awhile. I CAN sleep on the bench seat again but it’s pretty cramped and kinda makes my leg hurt.

I’m also going to try to help T and J as much as I can with their move. They’ve lived here for DECADES so they have a lot of items to get rid of or store.

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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3 Responses to Back In The Van Soon

  1. Ryu says:

    So the van is running then?

    Well, I don’t know whether to congratulate you or not. It’s sure to be another adjustment.

  2. Nanette at says:

    If they have lived there that long, you might suggest that they have a professional estate sale company help them sell off the excess. It’s easier than doing it themselves and it is likely to bring more money because estate sale companies have more contacts and more knowledge about these kinds of sales. You can find a local company at Good luck to all of you.

  3. Maureen says:

    It’s running….not very well but it’s running.

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