I’ve often wondered if people come back to my old blog posts to see what I wrote in response to your comments.  I’ve decided instead of wondering to just respond in a post.  From the last thread about my air mattress dying:


How about those folding chairs that pull out to a bed?

I can’t picture that Michelle.  Can you give me a link to one of those so I can see what it looks like? 


Costco has the bathmats in 36×24 size for $13. They’re much more expensive at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I’d probably get two and lay them so they are over 6 feet long when layed end to end. 

We tried memory foam on the top bunk of our Westfalia, but it turned out to be significantly heavy.  My friend CS recommended Memory Foam but it sounds expensive and too big…even a twin size “mattress” is too big.  Good to know that it’s also heavy…heavy won’t work for me.  I travel light.

That’s hard on mileage. So we found that a good quality 4″ thick foam mat on top of the Westfalia padding is sufficient.  Like a camping mat?   What about one of those egg crate thingies?  Are they any good?


How long did that first one last? 6 months? I don’t think it was quite six months.  Not a bad investment. Maybe you could pick up 2 or 3 cheapies.  If I can find them at the Goodwill like I did before for 8(?) bucks maybe I will.  Target charges around 25 bucks.   Thing is, I like the idea of traveling very lightly, being able to hide my bedding if I want to and not having to maintain it.  The air mattresses spring leaks and if I want to fix them, I have to presume on one of my friends at their house.  I can’t fix them in the van.  Would bring too much attention. 

Maybe you could get a futon or whatever its called. Do you sleep with a pillow underneath your legs? It helps.  I like the futon idea.  And a pillow under my hip for side sleep would help.  My hip is the only thing that hurts when I side sleep on a hard surface…and I sleep on my side 90% of the time.  And looking forward to winter, I should be up off the ground a little for sure, so I can stay warmer….course winter seems a long way off right now.  🙂

Onto another topic:

The other night I saw a job opportunity online and I sent out my resume.  I like my current job okay but I don’t see me being able to advance much financially there.  I actually got a call back and I’m going to interview tomorrow on my lunch break!  It’s kind of my dream job…it’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but didn’t dare pursue it…didn’t dare dream that I could get into it…even though I think I could be pretty good at it.  It’s in my line of work, but it’s more advanced.  Only really smart, ethical people do it….because it’s a difficult path.  You really have to want to do it.  I would be more or less a trainee for maybe 2-5 years.  It’s not a set path.  You make your own path.  I wouldn’t make much money at first but if I hung in there, I would make money later.  I would go back to school.  My mom told me she would pay for classes for me.  I’m very blessed.  If this particular  opportunity doesn’t work out, I will try to find others…I will make opportunities for myself.

It’s interesting that having a job that I didn’t even seek out has made me take a chance and go for what I REALLY want….well I really don’t want to work at all but if I have to work, I might as well make good money…eventually.  I must say, it helps that I have online and offline friends that encourage me to try.  They never tell me I can’t do something.  They say, “do it!”  It’s priceless having friends like that.  Love you!


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8 Responses to Answers

  1. Maureen says:

    That looks comfy!

  2. Ryu says:

    No, no. Put the pillow under your knees or between your knees when sleeping.

  3. B says:

    My mom had the egg-carton foam on her bed as a mattress topper, and liked it. I tried it and found it was useless. Maybe she had better quality foam than me?

  4. Female Van Dweller says:

    It depends. If I have asked a question or am looking for a reply from the poster then I do bookmark and come back to that post to see if there was any activity. However, I like the idea of posting your comments. Sometimes people don’t read them and it adds to the information.

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