Ahhhhhhh Freesleeping!

I think I’m over the hump with being back in my van again.  I’m not panicking at every sound anymore.

I went up to visit with friends over the weekend.  I had a GREAT time.  I got a ride up there and took the train back.  I was glad in a way, to see my van when I got back. (Would have been disastrous if it had been missing!)

This time around, I’m not…at least so far, not writing down what street I slept on.  I know enough areas now that I feel I can change my sleep spots often enough to not attract too much attention.  I’m also not being overzealous  about going to different coffee shops all the time.  The coffee shop people don’t care how often I’m there.  They have other things to worry about.

I’m going to call about that job today, pick up my Avon order and put it together and do my other little jobs.  I got another client Friday and the man is really nice and I think it’s going to be a good gig!  I’ve gotten two new clients recently from leaving my business cards at businesses so I need to do more of that.  I can also pass out Avon brochures or samples at the same time.  I am (very) slowly building up my businesses….maybe I don’t need a real job.  Trouble is, if I move to a different location this year, as planned, I will practically have to start over.  And that takes time.

I wish I didn’t have to eat or put gas in my van.  I’ve cut out my housing and utilities…I’m wondering how I can lessen my gas and food consumption.  I suppose I could dumpster dive for at least some of my food.  And I could walk everywhere.  Am I being too cheap?  What are the opportunity costs of spending a bunch of time walking everywhere and fishing around in dumpsters?  Could my time be spent more effectively?


About Maureen, Living in a Van

I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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7 Responses to Ahhhhhhh Freesleeping!

  1. Michelle Phillips says:

    I’m cheap too. Now a days its called frugal but what ever you call it …your not the only one. 🙂 I plan to camp work too and leave my bike at work since I will be in the area when I’m off. So the the bike will be my transportation around there. I’m a little lucky in the sense that have a frig there I can use. I will have a small 5 day cooler I will be using too.
    Dumper diving ..I would be concerned about food thats bad. Then you’ll have other problem!! Do you have churches and other places where they serve food for the homeless? Might as well try!!

    • Maureen says:

      Thanks Michelle. I wouldn’t want to take charity from a church as I am able to work. Charity, in my opinion, is for people who are unable to work for a living.

      So, do I understand correctly that you sleep where you work? Then you will ride your bike from work to wherever you need to go in the area? That’s intriguing.

      New post!

  2. Michelle Phillips says:

    I will be near my job. In the next town. On my days off I will be doing chores in the town I work(shopping,laundry,mail stuff) so having the bike there is workable(pun intended!!) They have 3 parks ,library and a wonderful coffee shop that I can hang out. Gym for exercise and a shower. Sleeping will be all over. Like you never in the same spot.

  3. Michelle Phillips says:

    Yeah just wanted to add I understand what your saying about Charity places. I just thought I would throw that in.

  4. Ryu says:

    I haven’t been on a train in a million years. How was it? Expensive? A pleasent ride?

    I know people who ride their bikes everywhere, even 20 miles into work. Takes about an hour or so. There is a problem of maintenence and the bike breaking down. You have to bring an extra inner tube, lube, wrenches and such.

    • Maureen says:

      The train was Amtrak and it was ok. Going to try to figure out how to use the Metrolink as I understand it’s a lot cheaper. It was around 20 dollars to go about an hour away (by car). It was clean and almost everyone on the train looked normal. I may end up preferring the train over driving. Now taking the bus is a different matter!

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