Action Parters and Getting Things Done

I have been trying something new lately.  I have an action partner that I am checking in with three times a week.  The check in appointments happen at a specific time and are 15 minutes long.  Basically, we share what goals or tasks we need to complete over the next couple of days and we tell the other person how we did on the goals we shared on the last phone call.  It’s an accountability thing because you are going to feel a little bad if you have to say you didn’t reach your goal (or that you completely forgot about it!). Just talking about my goals helps me remember them so they may actually get done.

I also learned of another tool recently called body doubling.  It is where you and a friend who have trouble getting things done get together (preferably in person but phone is okay) and just be there for each other while you work for an hour or two.  I have done this informally with a friend before…now there’s a name for it.  I would like to try this again soon.

Seems like people are just lonely and need that social interaction while working.  It seems to help me.  Maybe it’s a woman thing?

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  1. Ryu says:

    If it works, do it. Americans DO need social activities. Gets em’ out of the house and off the computer. Neither is as good as a real meeting.

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