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fuschiaYou’re not alone anymore.  Living in a van doesn’t have to be scary, bleek or lonely.  The best kept secret about van dwelling is that it can provide a very satisfying life for the retiree, minimalist, adventurer, or cash strapped nine-to-fiver.

If you have ever thought about living in your van (car etc.) or if you may be FORCED to do this soon, this blog will help you prepare, mentally and physically. I’ve been I free-slept in my van for over four years and this blog covers everything from how I got started to My First Night sleeping in the van to how I interact with the visibly homeless community and much more.

EDIT:  I moved into a small room in April of 2016.  I’m still going to share my thoughts from time to time and answer questions.  Please subscribe.  ALSO, the reason there are no comments on a lot of the posts is…I don’t know.  They just disappeared suddenly.  I am very sad about that because my commenter/friends helped make this blog better and I consider then good friends!


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  1. Bob Keeland says:

    In 1989 I was a graduate student at the University of Georgia but doing research near Aiken, South Carolina. Rather than rent a place for the three months of the summer I decided to live in my van. I had previously constructed a bed in the back of the van and had an ice chest for food storage. I could cook what I needed in the kitchen at the building where I worked. A candle lantern worked for what little light I needed at night. It was great.

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