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My balcony flowers are blooming!

I couldn’t get the photo to load on my mobile devise so it’s sideways!

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Kicked to the Curb

I know White people supposedly run the world but in some neighborhoods, we are just homeless.  I’m in a Starbucks now and everyone here is either Asian or (I think) Jewish and they look at D and I like we’re … Continue reading

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May Flowers

The Fuscia is blooming!  

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One of the hardest parts for me of being a free-sleeper (AKA homeless) was hiding the fact that I didn’t have a normal home.  I knew that people would think bad things about me if they knew.  Most would think … Continue reading

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Changes and Not Changes

I like my new place.  I’m not really unpacked.  When the burglars can and trashed my storage unit, all my stuff got jumbled up with my children’s things so I’ve go about 8 (?) boxes I need to go thru … Continue reading

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