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Work, Ethics and Boredom

I met up with a man and his girlfriend that are in Underearner’s Anonymous recently.  The man was saying that once I get my confidence back, I will be able to earn well. It’s not so much confidence in myself … Continue reading

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I finally bought a butane stove.  It was under $20 and I bought a 5 pack of butane thingies for around 6 dollars.  I haven’t used it yet. It’s cold, for starters.  Also, when I read the directions, I realized … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

I’m not as religious as I used to be but it’s funny how this time of year produces a conditioned response in almost everyone.  What I mean is, when the lights are strung up and the Christmas music plays, we … Continue reading

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Hello hello!

Hi guys and gals.  If you are reading this, thanks for either being subscribed to the blog or just being interested enough to check in once in a while. I’m still sleeping in my van every night except when I am … Continue reading

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