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Fears and Getting Used to Things

It’s funny how we tend to have fear about things that never even happen. afagen / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA I never wanted to strap a bike to the back of my van because I thought FOR SURE then, the … Continue reading

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Hurt My Back!

Photo by stevendepolostevendepolo / Foter / CC BY The rich guy’s wife asked me to do a type of work I don’t normally do last week and I pulled something in my back.  I thought it was getting better then I … Continue reading

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Another Homeless Encampment Destroyed

This time, on abandoned land. It’s sad.  A few drug addicts probably mess it up for the good people that just need a place to rest their heads.  If it’s dirty, get some Christians or other do-gooders to help them … Continue reading

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Skimping on Food

I don’t believe in skimping on food.  I’m not saying that we should eat too much food or extravagant food but a pasta/bread diet with a little spaghetti sauce poured over it is not smart in the long term. I … Continue reading

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I’m in Love with The Man in the Van

Well, celebrity love anyway.  Thanks Geez for posting this article in the van forum.  From the article: It unsettled him in those first months to see so many zeros on his bank account balance — “Who am I to deserve … Continue reading

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Rich Dude

I might have mentioned this guy before.  He hired me to clean his antiques (and keep him company, I think).  It’s an okay job.  He smokes a lot and it’s dusty but other than that, the work’s not too hard. … Continue reading

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Cool Stuff

Two cool opportunities are opening up for me. One has to do with the non-profit that my client/friend is starting. The other has to do with a mentoring opportunity that another client/friend has steered me toward.  It’s like “the windows … Continue reading

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Brilliant Lady

Such a wonderful idea!  I just happened to run across this today after discussing it briefly in a previous post.  

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Classes, Hypocrites and Crazy Lady

I’m told they used to give classes at the church I go to for coffee and breakfast.  I would LOVE to volunteer a couple of hours a week to help people learn computer basic and/or how to check email, blog, … Continue reading

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Exciting Stuff

I am finally going to try treating my thyroid.  I have had a problem with it for over twenty years.  A doctor told me that my blood test was normal though so I couldn’t get any help.  NOW, finally, doctors … Continue reading

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