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I finally took a yoga class the other nite and I’m going to take it tonight too.  So far it’s cool and it is so challenging to twist your body into a pretzel and balance on one foot etc. that … Continue reading

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Sleep Spots

So I’d been house sitting for around 3 weeks.  When I went back to my old sleep spot-the one I’ve been using for MONTHS, there was a HUGE CAMPER there! So I parked nearby.  If I REALLY want the spot, … Continue reading

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Back Again

I hope you all haven’t given up on me.  I couldn’t get my blog to let me in to write something!  I finally got ahold of my admin guy (he hosts this blog for me for free) and he said … Continue reading

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Crazy Ass Flower

I think this flower looks like it should be on mars or perhaps somewhere in South America.  Does anyone recognize it?

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