Beautiful Spot! and Second Vehicle


^^^^^^ Not my van!!!  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Gosh, I found the most perfect spot in the world.

I’d finished my jobs for the day and didn’t feel like sitting in a coffee shop. It’s been kind of hot but there was a great breeze today. Sometimes when the weather is like this I open up my windows and just park the van somewhere and take a nap. Today I wanted to go to this one place I know of but I got turned around (it happens a lot) and wound up in a different area.

This area gave me a view of 3 beautiful trees swaying in the breeze and when I propped myself up on my pillows, a view of the bay/river. I was on a slight hill so I was looking down on the water. I’ve been here two hours now. I turned my phone off, read a chapter of my book, then napped for….an hour or so. I woke up and watched the trees. People went by a couple of times but they are talking to each other or running or walking their dog and not paying any attention to what’s in the old van.

As I’m writing this (I must post later as I don’t have internet here) I am sitting on a little park bench watching yachts and boats go by. A bunch of rowboats came through too, with a bunch of men rowing. They sort of shout together at certain times when they are trying to steer or something. It’s quite grand.

I am so glad I live near the Pacific Ocean. There’s nothing like it anywhere on earth.

On another topic. I’ve been making decent money lately and it makes me happy because I don’t have to worry about gas all the time. Not that I’m driving frivolously. I wouldn’t feel right about eating at the soup kitchen if I was doing a lot of frivolous things but it’s nice to be able to go a couple of miles out of my way to find a nice spot to nap and relax. I feel revived. If my money situation continues to get better I will also, from time to time, get to eat at a restaurant with friends which will be fun.

My money goals are as follows (in no particular order): 1. to fix the van up more so it will keep running. 2. to get some money saved for emergencies 3. to buy a new vehicle.

I don’t know if this sounds dumb but I’m considering, rather than buying a new van to live in, buying a 2nd vehicle. There are a couple of reasons for this. I need a van to live in. Cars are not comfortable and there’s not much room for your stuff. It will be pretty expensive though to get a “new” one that doesn’t need a bunch of repairs like this one has. Say I wanted to spend $2000-$3000, I could get a lot better car than I could a van. Better looking and better running. I also feel I could get a car that had great fuel efficiency. That way, the extra cost of registration and insurance for the 2nd vehicle would be offset by the gas savings. There might be repairs on both vehicles, but my plan is that I wouldn’t drive the van much at all. Only from one sleep spot to another. Finally, to expound on the better looking aspect, if I had a decent looking car, I could advertise my business on it. Currently I don’t advertise my business on my van because my scruffy old van doesn’t scream “success” and because, more importantly, when I’m free sleeping, I need my van to blend in a bit.

So I’m curious what my readers think about this. I know a woman who used to free-sleep with her husband when he was alive and they had three vehicles between them. I always thought that was crazy (esp. since they were on government assistance) but perhaps they had good reason. I think I make a good case for having a second vehicle. Don’t you?

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I'm a free-sleeper living in a van in the prettiest part of the world. I do this partly due to financial circumstances and partly because I love a good adventure.
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