The Zoo

The church where I have been getting free breakfast lately was an absolute zoo this morning.  The fat crazy lady I told you guys and gals about a couple of days ago was involved in two altercations where there was slapping and pushing involved.  THEN  a couple of the other crazies…who usually keep fairly quiet…started singing.  It was like something out of a movie.

I am torn between going back there daily and writing a book about it all OR not going there at all because it is not good for MY mental health to deal with that every morning.  I can eat bread and peanut butter in the morning rather than go there, right?

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How to Stay Safe around Violent Mentally Ill People.

There but for the grace of god…..

There are a number of homeless people that are crazy, sometimes because of prolonged drug use but not always.  It doesn’t really matter.  The point is, some of them are very angry and can get violent if provoked.

The church where I often get my breakfast attracts at least a handful of these people.  I have learned, that although I’m a naturally friendly person, it’s best not to talk to everyone.  I used to talk to ANYONE.  In my naivety, I though (cuz I heard it on TV or something) that I could make a homeless person’s day if I spoke to them or smiled at them.  Perhaps that is true sometimes but in my EXPERIENCE (which is always truer than what some talking head says) talking to everyone opens up a pandora’s box I usually want to shut as quickly as possible!  The crazy person will start telling fascinating tales of abuse by others and at first, when I first started listening to these folks, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, and believed that their stories COULD be true.  Stories of things stolen from them (everything from sleeping bags to million dollar inheritances) cops and government agencies following them and so on.  I consider myself a conspiracy realist (as opposed to a conspiracy theorist, because as the NSA taught us….they DO record everything we say/type, if it’s done electronically.)  So I would think to myself, maybe their story IS true.

But the stories got more and more outlandish.  I have learned that just because something COULD be true, doesn’t mean it IS true.

But more importantly, I’ve learned these folks have good and bad days.  On a good day, they tell their stories.  On a bad day, something sets them off.  Perhaps they ran out of cigarettes or they don’t like the free food that was served at the church.  In their confused mind, they seem to think their discomfort is being purposely caused by the people around them and they start to lash out at those people.

They start slamming things around, muttering, and sometimes, eventually shouting.  They shout obscenities.  When you try to reason with them (I don’t do this anymore) because you think you have a relationship with them, they lash out at you as well.

One of the recent additions to the homeless crowd here (they come and go) is a rather large woman who gets into it with everyone.  I’m told she pushed an elderly woman down already.  So when she started going off this morning, I quickly finished my breakfast and got out of her way.  No eye contact and certainly no words.

I feel sorry for her.  Everyone is afraid to talk to her.   I’ll bet she is very lonely.  I wish I could help people learn better coping skills.  But I can’t.  I barely know how to cope myself, some days.

It’s not a great way to start my morning.  I really need to make more money so I don’t have to eat at these places.

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Rip-Off Part 2

I was just thinking about something.  I have just learned that these guys who buy a car with cash don’t even have to register it in their name.  They can EVEN go into the DMV and pay any registration fee that is in arrears, without their name appearing anywhere on the paperwork!  They can do the same with the smog check.

Is this loophole purposeful in order to allow in-the-know immigrants to by-pass the law in order to make easy money?

Also, what manner of crimes could one do in a vehicle no one knew you owned?  These vehicles would make great getaway cars because they would trace back to the original owner.

Scary huh?


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Car Ripoff Artists

So I went to look at a van today.

1st red flag.  The owner has only had the car for one month

2nd red flag.  The car has not been smogged (the law in California.  If it doesn’t pass it can cost up to 1K to make it pass.

3rd red flag.  Car is not registered in the “seller’s” name

So when I ask the guy about the smog he says if I give him the few thousand dollars for the car, then he will go to the smog place with me to have it smogged.  And if it doesn’t pass, I guess I will get my money back.  I tell him, no, you go ahead and get the car smogged first, get the car registered in your name and pay the month of registration money that you owe (else I have to pay it) THEN I will give you the money for the car.

Now I know why this car has been listed on Craigslist for a while.  No one wants to do this shady deal.  I wish I new how to bring the law down on these shady characters.  Sure…I’ll give you my money and you’ll be back in Mejico before I know what hit me, right?

PS>  This is not uncommon at all in this area.  BUYER BEWARE!

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Busy Day

I got a lot done today.  I am focusing on taking care of myself so I bought new undies, socks, and walking shoes (brand new, not from the goodwill like I usually do!) .  I bought a fuse for the cigarette lighter in my van.  I don’t smoke but I use the lighter to charge my phone sometimes.  Let’s see…what else???  I ate Pho which is a vietnamese soup I like.  I took a nap.  I’m going to wash the van tomorrow, a major undertaking.  And I’m going to get a pedicure!  So fancy.

I have been looking on Craigslist for a new van.  I would like a “Japanese made” one.  I use parentheses because from what I understand, a lot of the parts are made in the United States.  I have owned both American and Japanese cars before and the Japanese are better.  The technology came from us but they have higher standards.  I would like my “new” van not to have too much more than 100k miles on it.  I would like it to last for a while, at least until I get C paid back.  C is loaning me some money for the new van.  So with my “high” standards, it’s hard to find something in my price range.  I hope Vinny, my current van, can hold out just a few miles more until I find his replacement.

It will be neat having a better vehicle.  It will be better looking so I will blend in better.  I can also take it out of town.  I hardly ever leave town because I’m afraid Vinny breaking down.  The van’s my house don’t forget!  I can’t have it sitting in a mechanic’s yard. (although I HAVE slept in my van in a mechanic’s lot more than once).

Wish my luck finding a new van!


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I’m finally going to use my Kindle

A guy I know from a coffee shop I frequent gave me a Kindle a while back.  I need to use it.  I don’t read book anymore because the internet keeps me busy but I’ve been promising my friend Ron Howson I would read one of books.

I’ve known Ron for a long time.  We met while we were working in the same field.  He has lived in many places and done many interesting things.  He is THE most honest person I have ever met.  He is always up to something and now he’s written a handful of books.

Here’s the book I’m going to read.  If you like mystery books, maybe you’d like to read along with me.  HEY!  Anyone want to have a book club?Im finally going to use my Kindle

Click here to find all of Ron Howson’s Books

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Work, I love it/Water shortage

When I like the kind of work I’m doing, I obsess on it.  Can’t get enough.

Some of you may remember I’m doing social media promotion for a non-profit.  It is so fun that I have to force myself to take breaks.  It’s only supposed to be an hour a day at this point but I work at it a lot more.  That’s not good.  I’ll burn out.  I’ve been down this road before.

I’m going to set a timer and keep it to two hours instead of one.

I’m house sitting now. It was nice to be able to cook breakfast and I’m going to take a nice bath in a little bit.  I have always been a bath-taker but I only get showers at the gym.

That reminds me.  You may have heard about the drought in California.  Some of the cities in this area are shutting off their outdoor beach showers.  I’m a little nervous that the gym with shut off their showers too.  Well not nervous…just want to make sure I have a plan B in place if that happens.  So far my plan B ideas are:  A.  Find a place to live.   B.  Wash in the ocean?  OR C.  Buy some dry shampoo for my hair (pricey) and use wipes to clean the rest of me.  Ugh.  Open to your ideas on this subject!  Have a nice day.

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Being a Woman

This morning a male friend of mine had misplaced something important and asked me to help him look for it.  He didn’t think he was going to find it.  He thought is was gone for ever.

In just a couple of minutes I had found the item and he paid me a very nice compliment.  He said he’d just needed a woman’s touch.  Isn’t that nice?

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Need Your Feedback Cuz I’m Fat

I need to lose around 60 pounds. Yes, I’m a big fatty these days. It’s SO embarrassing.  I don’t eat the best food out here I guess and the pounds just caught up with me, especially this last year.

What I’d like to do is start a page on this blog chronicling (is that a word?) my weight loss efforts. I’ll even include photos of some of my body parts (but not my face for security reasons). Ugh. It’s not pretty right now. I think some people will find this helpful though and I think the accountability will be good for me. I am a hider. I try to hide my problems and the internet is a good place to hide behind. I can pretend I’m a super model and no one knows the difference until I tell them.

Anyway, what I need help with is a name. I was thinking “Homeless Girl Goes On A Diet” might be good although I confess, I haven’t been a girl for a long time. Girl just sounds better than woman.

What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions for names?

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