Hurt My Back!

PAIN Knuckle Tattoo 11-23-09 -- IMG_9893

Photo by stevendepolostevendepolo / Foter / CC BY

Photo by stevendepolostevendepolo / Foter / CC BY

The rich guy’s wife asked me to do a type of work I don’t normally do last week and I pulled something in my back.  I thought it was getting better then I relapsed yesterday.

It kind of makes me mad.  I don’t advertise….”hey I’m desperate….I’ll do any shit job you can think of”  She sprung it on me.

I should have said no.  I will learn to say no.

Ok, so this is the motivation I need to start working out at the gym.  I don’t like being crippled.  I’ve experienced relatively good health for most of my life.  Recently I “cured” my tennis elbow by simple stretching my arm muscles a bit every day.  It took me under 5 minutes a day and about a week for it to work.  I’m not sure it this injury is ready to be stretched or not.  I’m sure it’s a muscle.  My body is telling me to rest BUT it hurts to lie down or sit down!  I’m most comfortable standing up!  Funny huh?  I’m using advil and will try to put a hot patch on it tonight.  I’ve got a couple laying around.

The pain makes me think everything is awful…but I know it will pass.  Many great athletes have horrible knee blowouts etc. and come back better than ever.  Course, they’ve got the best surgeons available.  Still, this isn’t so bad.  I will overcome!

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Another Homeless Encampment Destroyed

This time, on abandoned land.

It’s sad.  A few drug addicts probably mess it up for the good people that just need a place to rest their heads.  If it’s dirty, get some Christians or other do-gooders to help them clean it up.  Geez.


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Skimping on Food

I don’t believe in skimping on food.  I’m not saying that we should eat too much food or extravagant food but a pasta/bread diet with a little spaghetti sauce poured over it is not smart in the long term.

I really like this blog I’m referring you too but I would never eat like the guy that is in this particular article

.... bread snorting!
x-ray delta one / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

and I certainly wouldn’t force my children to eat like that.  That’s what I call a diabetes diet.  Good luck with your insulin injections.

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I’m in Love with The Man in the Van

Well, celebrity love anyway.  Thanks Geez for posting this article in the van forum.  From the article:

It unsettled him in those first months to see so many zeros on his bank account balance — “Who am I to deserve that?” he wondered. “What have I really done?” — so he hired financial advisers and asked them to stash the money in conservative investments where Norris wouldn’t have to think about it. His advisers deposit $800 a month into his checking account — or about half as much as he would earn working full time for minimum wage. It’s enough to live in a van, but just barely. “I’m actually more comfortable being kind of poor,” he says, because not having money maintains his lifestyle and limits the temptation to conform. He never fills Shaggy beyond a quarter tank. He fixes the van’s engine with duct tape rather than taking it to a mechanic. Instead of eating out with teammates, he writes each night in a “thought journal” that rests on the dashboard.

Quite admirable.  I too don’t wish to conform.  I hope if I start making money that I don’t succumb.  This guy is leading the way.  The best kept secret in American is….you don’t need all that STUFF.

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Rich Dude

I might have mentioned this guy before.  He hired me to clean his antiques (and keep him company, I think).  It’s an okay job.  He smokes a lot and it’s dusty but other than that, the work’s not too hard.

He comes from money but he still brags about it.  He drives a fancy Italian car.  He doesn’t realize he is wasting his breath boasting to me.  I don’t respect the ways his family got rich.

BUT, he is very generous with people he trusts and likes.  He sent me home with a bit more money than I asked for and a bottle of wine.

He lets a woman who worked for him for many years live in one of his houses rent-free.  She is his “care-taker”.  I think he really has a good heart.  THAT is what I like about him.  He’s a lovable old guy despite his faults.

I have a feeling that if I stuck around I might be his care-taker someday.  I doubt I will stick around for that though.  I have different goals than cleaning all day and I still have a headache from his cigarette smoke (yuck).

Still, it’s fun to hear his stories.  He grew up with some bigwig families from this area.  People with their names on hospitals and such.  Even one of the top 100 Billionaires in the U.S.  It’s interesting to hear a little of how some rich people think.  Naturally, they have their share of problems like anyone else.  Money can cause a lot of deceit and you always have to wonder if people like you for yourself or your money.  I would hate that.



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Cool Stuff

Sunrise in Tharandt near by Dresden

Sunrise in Tharandt near by Dresden

Two cool opportunities are opening up for me.

One has to do with the non-profit that my client/friend is starting.

The other has to do with a mentoring opportunity that another client/friend has steered me toward.  It’s like “the windows of heaven” have opened.

I’m confused.  I’m not used to so much opportunity at the same time.

Oh, and then there’s the rich client.  More about that in my next post.

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Brilliant Lady

Such a wonderful idea!  I just happened to run across this today after discussing it briefly in a previous post.


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Classes, Hypocrites and Crazy Lady

I’m told they used to give classes at the church I go to for coffee and breakfast.  I would LOVE to volunteer a couple of hours a week to help people learn computer basic and/or how to check email, blog, etc.  I guess they have computer equipment at this church.  I wonder why it isn’t being utilized.

The preacher this morning was talking about how when he first became a Christian, he was still homeless.  He was volunteering at a church but when they found out he was homeless, not only did they not want him volunteering anymore…they didn’t even want him at the church anymore.  Isn’t that horrible?  I don’t think Jesus would like that.

I had a little laugh this morning.  There’s this woman that’s always at the church and she is angry crazy, all the time.  I avoid even making eye contact with this one.  I was looking in the church’s clothing closet this morning and she was in there too, rambling about how she could find much better stuff up in ******* (a nearby city), that they even had haute couture clothing there.  Imagine that. :)   THEN, another homeless lady (D) who is always very pleasant, said to her, “Quiet down, you’re causing a disturbance.  In fact, you ARE a disturbance.”  Hehe.  I gotta love D for that one.  Apparently she isn’t one bit scared of the angry one, like I have been.  The angry one just grumbled some more and D and I had a good laugh.  It’s the little things sometimes.

It’s pretty surreal sometimes being with homeless people in the morning and evening and in upper income people’s homes in the middle of the day.  And I’m kinda making it work.  The thing is….we’re really all very similar.  Most people you treat kindly and get the same in return.  Some though, it doesn’t matter how kind you are to them, they are going to be jackasses.  And since a jackass is probably always going to be a jackass, you might as well have some fun with them.

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Exciting Stuff

I am finally going to try treating my thyroid.  I have had a problem with it for over twenty years.  A doctor told me that my blood test was normal though so I couldn’t get any help.  NOW, finally, doctors are beginning to actually LISTEN to their patients and if they are borderline “in-range” and have symptoms, they will treat you.

I credit the internet with this development as well as all the men and women who armed with information, INSISTED on treatment.

Anyway, I’ll be starting to take a small dose of synthetic thyroid soon and hopefully I will feel less tired and I will be able to lose weight!

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It’s a Movement

This post is dedicated to M who has knit her way into my heartelitatt / Foter / CC BY

This article (Thanks L) talks about the wealthy 20 somethings who HAD IT ALL and still weren’t happy so they gave up all their stuff and live simply now.

That’s a lot sexier (and therefore picked up by Time Magazine) than all the poor people who NEVER had anything and just live simply.  Or all the 20 somethings who will never have anything so will make due with less.

It”s all good though.  Things don’t make me happy, never have.

Although, if you take up a hobby (like knitting, for instance), you might have to buy some things for it.  And I see nothing wrong with that.  I may seem extreme, living in a van but if I am using something, it stays.  You just have to make sure you actually DO the hobby.  If you haven’t done anything with it for say….a month….unless there’s a really good excuse, you should probably give the things away.

And I DO still have a5 x 5  storage unit full of boxes of stuff.  There are a few with my skinny clothes them, for instance.  I actually might need those soon so I think it’s okay that I kept a few of them.

More about that in my next post.

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