Checking in

Hello Friends,

I didn’t mean to drop of the face of the planet.  I’ve just been busy.

Things are going pretty good here.  It’s getting a little cold at night.  Well it’s cold for this area.  It’s been in the high 40s at night.  I can’t handle the 40s.  I have an amazing sleeping bag that I bought used a couple of years ago.  It’s some kind of military issue item.  I call it The Tarp in my mind because the outer cover is very think and I’m guessing, waterproof.

I would like to rent a room somewhere but still feel a little uncomfortable about the fact that I would almost definitely be short of money all the time.  I need to keep my old van ,Vinnie II running.  Vinnie II is a few years older than Vinnie I was but he’s still old and will require frequent maintenance.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s less expensive to just get a car loan…still, I hate using credit.  You end up paying banksters for sitting at their desks.  It’s such easy money for them.  The heck with that.  I’ll pay the hard-working mechanics.

I wonder how much money I would save on food, if I were able to cook in a rented room.  How much money is reasonable for a single person to spend a week, when they cook at home.  I don’t want to eat beans every night either.  What do you guys and gals think?  Help me crunch the numbers!  I spend a lot on food eating at restaurants every day.

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A number of years ago I watched my career go up in flames because of industry changes.  I’m sure a lot of people can relate to that.  We live in a rapidly changing world.  It hasn’t always been this way, but it is now and we have to deal with it.  But I couldn’t at first.

There were some workarounds I could have employed at the time, different avenues I could have pursued in that field but my emotions got the best of me.  I didn’t have confidence in myself or the world at large.

For me, it took living in a van to figure out how *I* could happily make money in this world.  When my career imploded I thought to myself, “I don’t know how to do anything except THIS THING.  That was silly, closed-minded thinking but I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this.

Turns out I know how to do a few things and I can read and learn how to do more (and I have).  I am transferring my skills into a new field and I’m learning new things every day.  The internet contains a rich trove of tutorials, seminars, articles etc. FREE that I can learn from.

I obtained two new clients in this new field this week and I’m well on my way to replacing my old job income with new job income.  My new job income doesn’t require me to drive half the day too.  It’s very important not to spend too much time, gas, and vehicle wear and tear, driving to low paying work.  I can barely keep up with the repairs!  (heck, actually I haven’t kept up)

You don’t have to live in a van to get insight into yourself and your abilities.  You might need to set some time aside to THINK though.  Everyone has a few things they are good at.  It takes planning and effort to profit from them.  The most important thing is not to give up on yourself!

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What I’m Listening To


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I have been patting myself on the back a little lately.  I usually beat myself up and try to do better but I want to give myself credit for a change.

I’ve gotten my business to an almost livable wage now.  I can almost afford modest rent.  Lots of businesses fail after two years but I am doing pretty good and I didn’t start with any capital.  All I had was a 20 year old van, my (middle aged), my brain and my determination.  Try that Donald Trump!


This is not me.

Donald went bankrupt and had to go to his sibling to borrow millions so he could start over.  Do I really want him running this country?

Anyway, I’m not running for president but I AM allowing myself to feel good about my little accomplishments!  Hip hip hooray!

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The Birds

I saw these little birds running around the beach the other day.  They were so cute.  Their little legs move so fast they look like they are gliding across the sand.

While I was watching, suddenly out of nowhere swooped a hawk.  As he was coming down from the sky the little birds scattered but it was too late for one of them. The fierce hawk brought the little bird to the ground in his talons and held it down while it struggled for life.  It put up a good fight but the hawk was determined and sat on it til it died.

If I had to choose, I’d rather be a hawk than its prey.

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Nature Preserve

plant at jungle

I believe this is Pampas Grass. Isn’t it gorgeous? The Nature Preserve people says it’s bad and invasive though and tell us not to wave the flower heads around for fear they will spread even more.

I have gone to The Jungle a couple of times now.  It seems fine but I only go in the daytime.  I hear they have cleared out the homeless people but I saw one riding his bike.

There isn’t much untamed land in my city so I am kind of fascinated by this place.  It’s a nice quiet spot.  It’s a couple hundred acres too so it might make a good hideout if you wanted to get away from it all.

I wonder if I could set up a shower there?  I definitely would take a male escort with me for that one.

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I saw this on the evening news tonight.

I had almost forgotten that a few weeks ago I was coming home from somewhere around 7pm and when I stopped at a red light an Asian man ran up to my open passenger side window, banged on my door with his hands and said, “Give me a dollar, give me a dollar!” The light turned green (fortunately) and I started driving away.  He yelled, “Fucking bitch, fucking bitch!”

The zombies are getting restless.

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The Jungle.

I finally visited the Jungle but it’s really just a nature preserve.  jungle

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Is this possible

Can anyone be this smart/not greedy?

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Beachfront Property

Almost every night I sleep a few feet from the ocean (how many feet depends on whether the tide is high or low).  The cops don’t bother me and there is a public restroom within walking distance.

There are two spots actually.  The rowdy area where the big waves are is for the weekdays.  On the weekends when it gets very loud because of the nearby bars and the influx of out-of-towners, I go to a quieter spot.  I would sleep in the quieter spot all the time if I could but it’s residential so I save it for the weekends.  I still observe most of the same rules I always have for van-sleeping.  I get all my hygiene tasks out of the way before I arrive at the sleep spot and I try not to leave, even for the restroom, once I’m down for the night.  BUT, I do allow myself a walkaround at night and I generally have another walkaround (with a cup of coffee in hand) before I leave in the morning.  I usually leave by eight because after eight am you have to feed the parking meter.

It’s been awesome.  It’s a little out of my old area but gas is cheaper right now and I’m making more money.  It’s worth every penny.

My world has expanded a lot lately.  I haven’t been getting free food so I don’t see the drug addicts and crazies much except as I occasionally drive by them on the street.  I mostly forget them.  Most of the chronic, visible homeless are content enough.

There’s this one Mexican dude I know of that finally, after many years got housing.  I think he got it for being “crazy”, whatever that means.  He seems sane enough to me.  The housing was up north, where I myself may have ended up, if I had gotten with the VA housing program.  Anyway, this Mexican man who has been homeless for, I believe, at least 15 years, didn’t like living up in north county.  Says his neighbor were loud.  Imagine that.  He’d rather take his crazy check money and buy food and alcohol with it.  If his street “neighbors” get too loud, he can find a new sleep spot.  You can’t do that if you rent a place.  You’re stuck.  So this man is “homeless” again.  He seems okay with it.

I too, am much happier living in a van, on the beach, that I would be in crowded, crime ridden, graffiti colored “housing”.  The price is right too!


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