Lost My Password-and bigger room

Sorry I haven’t updated for a while.  I couldn’t remember my password for the longest time.  Then it suddenly came to me today.

Last week I moved into a new bedroom that is twice the size of my old one.  It’s amazing what having more space has done for me!  It is easier to take photos and pack my ebay stuff up in the bigger room.  It also has big windows so it feels very spacious.  Oh and also, a CALIFORNIA KING sized bed!  I feel like royalty and it is only a little more money every month.

I am getting better at ebay reselling.  I am selling anything I can get my hands on that will make me a decent profit ($30 or more after all fees etc.)  My biggest challenge is finding free boxes to ship things in in every shape and size.  Also, figuring out how much the shipping will be BEFORE listing the item on ebay (buyer pays shipping in my store).  If I screw THAT up, I end up paying for part of the shipping cost which can really eat into my profit!

As far as starting this business goes…it’s been interesting.  I’m a penny pincher.  I didn’t want to waste a cent.  I wanted to go cheap on everything and I was going to keep track of EVERY dime and make sure I was making a profit BUT I was making myself a nervous wreck so I decided on a new strategy.

I’ve talked about this before but when you are starting something brand new and you’re not going to college or school somewhere to learn it, your first few months ARE your schooling and it will cost you time and money.  I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg and all these other bigwigs don’t pinch every penny when they are starting up their businesses.  It took Facebook years and millions of dollars to become profitable!  Same with Amazon!  So I gave myself a break and bought things I needed like proper tape, bags etc. and even a $20 printer LOL.  And ya know what else?  I bought a couple of bins of clothing super cheap that I probably won’t get much money for because I didn’t know what I was doing (I’ve never been interested in fashion).  I decided to forgive myself for buying the wrong stuff and I may just donate it back to the Goodwill!

I know how to get good stuff now so I can move on and make money.  I can usually double my money, at the very least.  I usually do even better.  It’s better than the stock market!

Hope none of that sounded like bragging.  Just happy to find something else I can do to make money that is actually fun.  Imagine that.

And here’s something funny.  Some of you may remember I was trying to learn how to do online marketing a few months ago and I couldn’t figure out how to do it…and gave up.  Well you can imagine my shock when I learned that one of the “gurus” that sells online marketing courses is actually selling on ebay now.  He says it’s his wife’s business but he’s not fooling me!   Guess I made the right decision!

Hope everyone’s doing good.  Thanks for reading and commenting.



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Letting Go

It’s very interesting.  There’s a “spiritual” principle that says if you let go of wanting something, that often times you end up getting it.

For a long time, I wanted my little business to get bigger but I didn’t have money to advertise and it stayed the same for a long time.  THEN when I decide to start an ebay/poshmark reselling business on the side, all of a sudden new customers are coming out of the woodwork!  Well honestly, not too many but enough that I’m scared I won’t have time for my 2nd business!  Weird huh?

Another thing that was amazing is that my daughter is moving back to California.  I did not dream it could happen.  I wanted it but I really didn’t think it would happen.

I’m almost crying telling you  this but she wants FAMILY.  That would be me.  (And some other people too hehe)  She really loves me and wants to be near me even though I lived in my van and I’m opinionated and weird.  I’m the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.

Just wanted to share that with you, my friends.  Thanks for reading.

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End of June 2017

Look at meeee!  2 posts in one month!

Soooo I went a little crazy buying stuff for my ebay selling.  Kind of got my finances upside down.  Fortunately, more money is on the way so I should be able to fix everything soon.

So I went over the limits I set for myself and spent too much.  It’s weird.  I’ve never been well dressed or even liked shopping but suddenly I’m totally into clothes shopping!  I feel compelled to shop all the time!  Naturally I can’t because I run out of money…still.  Good thing I don’t have any credit cards!

I had to fix my van in June-battery and alternator and I got some dental work done which is a BIG DEAL.  I WISH I didn’t need to do it but if I want a good life, sometimes I have to do things I don’t like.  I’m growing up.  My teeth look so much better.  It feels good.

I’d like to meet more entrepreneurs but I’m too lazy to do anything about it.  Maybe next month.

My landlady says she probably won’t sell her house until summer 2018 but I don’t trust her 100% on that.  Still, I’m pretty sure I’ll be in my room thru the first of the year.  I’ve decided that if I can’t get into another room with my low income I will just live in the van again.  It’s not my first choice but I know I can do it.  Like I’ve said before, I rather miss it sometimes.

If you’re still reading, big thank you!  Talk to you soon!

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June 2017 Update

Wow,  the month of May just flew by and now it’s June.  I just ran across a video by a minimalist and it reminded me of my minimal life living in my van for 4 and a half years.  It’s been over a year since I’ve been living inside again.

I like sleeping inside again.  It’s not perfect of course.  I have roommates and that takes a bit of mental energy but I think it’s also good to have the social aspect of it.  I think if I lived alone in an apartment or something I would be super lonely and perhaps depressed.

I think loneliness is why meetup groups are so popular.  (Meetup.com)  There are folks that meetup regularly with strangers to stave off boredom and loneliness.  Sometimes I think I should go to some of their gigs but then I’m tired after work (and I always create a new project so I’m not bored) and I have roommates I can talk to so…I don’t go.

Housework fills up some time.  My roomates don’t clean much.  They’re not slobs as far as clutter goes so it’s no big deal but I try to keep our kitchen and common areas cleaned up.  It’s not much work.  Keeping up with MY clutter is though.  But you’ve all heard my ramblings about my clutter.  Ho hum.

My newest project is selling on ebay or maybe somewhere else (ebay treats sellers like crap).  I have a small inventory of ladies clothes I’m going to sell.  I’m starting with around 50 pieces.  It’s really fun so far.  I’ve never known anything about higher end fashion but I’m learning fast by buying the wrong stuff to sell first by mistake.  LOL.  A friend of mine has warned me about spending too much and not profiting.  I took his words to heart and I’m going to try not to spend anymore money out of my regular budget for this project (I’ve spent a couple hundred dollars so far).   I will allow myself to spend my earnings on new inventory though so let’s see how long I can keep this thing going!

I always have to have a project.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to come home from work everyday and watch television.  I’m not judging but…that just seems sad to me.  So boring.  So unproductive.  I’m not under any illusions though.  All my little plans never really go anywhere so at the end of the day, I’m not necessarily any better off.  Certainly not financially anyway.  I think I’m mentally better off though because I’m being active rather than passive.  They say that’s a good thing right?

My little day job business keeps getting better.  I raised my prices and now I feel like I’m overpaid, BUT I’LL TAKE IT!   Money provides options.  Seed money for new projects.

I hope this post finds you well and thriving.  Drop me a line if you like.

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May 2017 Update

My how quickly time passes.

Lately I’ve been relaxing a little.  I have two beautiful trees outside my bedroom window and I’ve been taking afternoon naps with the window open and waking up to those trees.  It’s kind of like being in the van again.

It’s kind of weird how before this month I hadn’t done this.  I kept the curtains closed-they are sheer so not quite as bad as it sounds but I didn’t even notice my nice view.  The reason for this is I always have my head in the computer after work.  In my mind I was “working” but I mostly wasn’t.   Facebook really isn’t work no matter how much I tell myself my posts are going to get new clients for me.  And it rarely does.

I was trying to start a marketing business but at the moment, I don’t have what it takes to make a go of it.  LIke I mentioned in a previous post, you have to find clients that can actually afford to advertise and why would some big company with money choose me, an unknown (and truly I don’t really know what I’m doing!) to do their advertising?  I really can’t muster the energy to sell myself to people like that.

So it’s back to the drawing board.  For now, I’m mainly going to work on my website.  All the gurus say if I have lots of good content that I will get more traffic (and in theory more clients) from my website.  This means I need to write articles.

Here’s the problem.  I love writing but for some reason when it comes to writing for my business, I’m stymied.  I like to be original and it’s hard to do that in the area I need to write about.  So I just procrastinate….and procrastinate some more.  Ugh.

Getting back to the marketing…if I have some success marketing my business, perhaps I will have the confidence to market for other businesses.  We’ll see what happens.  I’m not attached to the idea any more.  I kind of had a bad experience working with a company and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I’m also trying to get organized AGAIN.  For a while I was able to put some boxes of STUFF in a spare bedroom but now the spare bedroom has been rented out so I have to get rid of some more STUFF.  I am slowly working through my boxes.  How tedious!

Ok so I realize that my life is all about avoiding doing things I need to do.  The grown-up things.  Sometimes I think I’m like Peter Pan.  A perpetual child.  It’s why I don’t work a regular job.  I refuse to do certain things.  Sometimes I think this is good but sometimes I think it’s bad.  Many people my age are reaping the rewards for slaving away all these years.  They have houses and retirement accounts.  They go on vacations.

Ah well, my life is sort of like a vacation already.

A couple of weeks ago I house and dog sat in a very wealthy gated area with a private beach.  It was AMAZING.  When I walked to the beach in the evening neighbors with their dogs and kids were barbecuing and everyone seemed so happy and relaxed.  I could get used to that vibe.

So that’s where I’m at these days.  Some days I want to move back into the van to save money but then I remember how much I hated going to the gym to take a shower and how I didn’t eat as healthy without a kitchen.  Oh and I hated going to the laundry mat too.  So I just need to keep making money…make a little more money and not be a big baby.

Oh a couple more things.  I looked into an office space.  They have them really cheap nearby and was thinking I might be able to sleep there…but there’s not kitchen, shower or laundry mat in those places either so…not much advantage.

I DO have to find a new place to live as my landlady is planning to sell her house at the end of the year.  I’m a little nervous I won’t be able to find a nice place again.  It’s SOOOO expensive here.  Need more dollas!!!

Take care you guys and please leave a comment and let me know how you’re doing.

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March Part 2

Hi there!

I just read a whole bunch of my posts from 2013.  What a difference between then and now.  I was EXCITED about fishing bottles and cans out of the trash for 5 dollars.  WHAT was I thinking?

Still it was fun to read.  I was in such a different place.  I couldn’t afford to feed myself all the time and keeping my van running was a big challenge.  These days, I feed myself very well.  Organic…also lots of nice Japanese food.  I love it and it’s healthy.  I am also fixing my van BEFORE it falls apart and I’m thinking about fixing my teeth soon too.  LIfe is good.

I DO miss those afternoon naps in the van though.  I can’t explain it but there’s just something about waking up in the back of my van and lolling about a little in that dreamy half awake state that was so refreshing.

I miss working less too.  I work a lot more hours now.  It’s fun work but sometimes stressful.  I’ve gotta do it if I want to help my daughters or retire someday or whatever.

Thanks for reading.

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March 2017

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is doing well.

I am ok.  I have ups and downs like everyone else.

My landlady is still crazy.  A roommate has moved out as a result of it.  Very sad.  I liked my roommate.  So…what I’ve been doing is helping out when I can and being pleasant.  She almost lost it with me a couple of weeks ago when she asked me a question and didn’t like the answer I gave her.  I have always been a little too honest.  Oh well.  I’m really not ready to leave yet.

The reason I’m not ready to leave is because I don’t have great credit and not all my income is easy to prove.  I’ve actually taken some steps to work on that.  I checked my credit a month or two ago and it is “average”.  I got a secured credit card (secured by my money) in order to start building my credit again.  I only want good credit for housing purposes.  I HOPE I will never buy a car or anything else on credit again.  I hate paying interest to money changers.

I have great credit in my community where it counts.  Nice people often actually OFFER to loan me money without interest.  There is also a nice christian couple that would probably give me some money if I needed it.  I don’t take advantage of that though.  I’d have to be pretty desperate to do that.

I’ve changed my diet.  I am eating Paleo/Low Carb.  It’s awesome.  I don’t have terrible hunger cravings and sugar lows when I go too long between meals (or snacks actually!) anymore.  I don’t need to eat as much.  I’ am losing weight which I very much need to do.  Yay me!  The first day or two of the new diet was just a little difficult.  Now it’s easy.

I cheated last nite on the diet. Drank a cup of hot chocolate.  I was scared that it would start up my cravings for sugar and carbs again!  But I’m more in control of myself now and that’s a very good thing.  I just don’t want to put so many carbs in my body anymore.  There are carbs in vegetables.  That’s enough.  Too many carbs is making us sick!!!

Do you remember when the USDA food pyramid came out?  They were saying we needed 12 servings of bread and/or cereal per day!  Can you imagine.  I honestly believe the U.S. government wants to kill at least some of us off.  If a whole bunch of us die in our 50s and 60s they won’t have to pay out much in social security and medicare will they?

Do you all think my theory has merit?

I also gave up drinking alcohol.  Alcohol has carbs in it and it’s also hard to perform at my best when I’m buzzed or hung over.  I don’t think I am or was an alcoholic but I really feel I need to be at my best mentally and physically if I’m going to get my second business going.

About my second business.  It’s not going so good.  I don’t really market myself except on craigslist and as I mentioned before, people on craigslist often don’t have money.  I have learned that you really should only work with businesses that are bringing in around $10k a month.  That is, if you actually want to get paid.  I have not been getting paid much.  In fact, I’m probably losing money!  I justify it by saying to myself, “I’m learning.  It’s like I’m in school so it’s okay to pay out a little money.”  But that’s probably insane thinking.  I don’t know.  I think I need an underearners anonymous meeting!

Also, I’m still pretty tired after doing my day job.  I don’t know what to do except work when I have energy.  I HAVE lost a couple of day jobs due to people moving or changing schedules SO if, rather than getting two or three new “day jobs” I could get one well paying marketing job upfront (around $1000) I could do less day job and more night job (or A jobs as they call it in UA).  That would be ideal.  It’s scary though.  What if they new A job quits me after one month?  I am definitely holding back on this.

I will make a good bit of extra money this month house sitting so maybe it’s a good time to pull the trigger.  I’m not sure.  Van needs a catalytic converter ($400), and my teeth need about a million dollars worth of work (I will try not to whine about my teeth problems but it feels like time to do something about them).

As always I love hearing your suggestions about all my little life dilemmas.  Thanks so much for being a loyal reader.

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Tent City Practically in My Neighborhood

imageedit_40_9085368033I’d recently noticed a tent city had formed along the freeway in Santa Ana, CA.  Apparently a lot of people set up camp there because the former camp (At the Civic Center) was shut down so the city could do renovations.  Now they have shut down THIS encampment too (They need to put some boulders there) and there are claims that that the people only had one hour to gather their belongings and get out AND that some of their belongings were shipped around 30 minutes from Santa Ana.

Nick Mastrisciano, who suffers from a traumatic brain injury, was one of five homeless people to sue the county in the most recent lawsuit. According to the complaint, on Feb. 8, he was given one hour to remove his property, but his disability made it difficult to relocate in that amount of time, causing him to lose his driver’s license, telephone, blankets, sleeping bag, clothes, important paperwork and other belongings.

We treat our poor like crap in this country.  People assume that these folks are mentally ill or addicted.  They might be.  All the more reason to give them a break right?

There are enough empty houses in this counry s to house every single one of our homeless but the governments would rather just give them JUST enough cash to survive.

I must add a caveat.  There should be requirements for getting a free home.  No one should be allowed to just trash these places.  And they should be helped, TRULY helped to find employment if they are able to work.  And there’s the rub.  SOME homeless people have grown accustomed to not having to follow many rules.  I’m not sure what should be done about people like that.

Maybe if we have a REAL war on drugs and drugs aren’t so readily available, that will solve part of the problem.  Also, if we make it so “doctors” can’t give out mind altering drugs to CHILDREN for ADHD, and whatever, there won’t be as many young people becoming addicted to drugs before even reaching adulthood.

Also, I happen to know of people who were never big drinker and had never used drugs that began using AFTER they became homeless.

Imagine working your whole life and being hit head on in your 50s or 60s with a job loss and/or huge hospital bills and/or bad health.

That is why I am working harder now to make and save a little money.  I want to be able to withstand (at least financially) whatever life throws at me.


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Working and Growing

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to give a little update on my happenings.

I’m still working on the transition from one business to another.  I am not in a big rush.  That could be a good or bad thing.  If I’m in a big rush, I’m going to get impatient with myself and that wouldn’t be good.  That’s how I look at it.

Still, I have a little trouble sitting down and working for a few hours at my desk.  I’m not accustomed to it anymore.

One of the online gurus suggesting starting with a 50 minute focused block of time, then take a ten minute break.  During the break, I’m to drink water, eat if I’m hungry and get some fresh air.  It works pretty well for me when I remember to do it.  I can get a WHOLE 2 hours in that way.  Oh well.

It’s always something.  Back hurts, I’m tired, whatever.  I wish I was better.  I’m told though that disciplining your mind is a little like disciplining your muscles.  You just keep adding weights (longer periods of focus time).

Do any of you have trouble with focus and discipline?

Other than that, I’m watching President Trump with interest.  I hope he brings back jobs in this country for our blue collar folks and I hope he will do something about all the drugs.  That would be so great.  Oh yeah, and I like that he wants to make our country safer.  Who could argue with that unless they hated Americans?

Some people say he’s a fascist.  I say if he keeps his campaign promises BRING IT ON.  A strong BENEVOLENT leader is a good thing.  We’ll see what happens.

Thanks for reading my friends.  Please leave me a comment!  I would love to hear from you.

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College and University Students Living in Vans

This was a sappy little film but it told me something I didn’t know before.

Really though, the sad music wasn’t necessary.   Living in your car or van can be empowering.  I don’t know how I would have started my small business without doing it.  I had ZERO capital and the 6 months living expense you are supposed to have socked away before starting your own business.  If I was a young person I would live in my van (cars are kinda small) and become some kind of computer god.

Another side benefit to this lifestyle for college students is getting away from the party atmosphere of the dorms.  College is for studying not partying.


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