Cops and Authority-Response to Geezer

Geezer said in a comment that the cops had every authority to simply tow my van, without leaving a notice.

With all due respect Geezer, that’s not true.  They did not catch me doing anything.  My van is up to date on registration.

Beyond that, I do not recognize any cop’s “authority” to remove my private property because I am sleeping in it. (if he caught me)  There are ordinances that prohibit sleeping in your vehicle but I don’t see cops arresting babies!

J, who I have mentioned before fought a “camping” ticket (that’s what they give you) and won.  It took him a year to win that case.  But he won.  Because sleeping your vehicle is not a crime.  There is no victim.

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How to Ruin Your Sleep Spot

Use drugs

Hang out at your sleep spot 24/7 with your windows and doors open

Ask anyone you meet if they have an painkillers for them

Make the area around you stink by pouring pee out your window over and over again in the same spot

Yell at your boyfriend multiple times.  Park your second car perpendicularly to your first car so you make an L shape and your second car is jutting out into the roadway where people drive

This is what my “neighboring” free-sleepers did.  I had been sleeping in the same spot for MONTHS with no problems but they lasted one week and got me ousted too.



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5 Minute Update

On Thursday, I was going to stop by my van to drop off my jacket when lo and behold there was a cop talking to the tweakers in the black van.  Naturally, I just kept riding by!!!!!!!!!

I checked by later and the black van and its companion car were gone and I had a warning on my van that I had to move it right away or risk receiving a citation or having my car “stored”.

Yuck.  So had it towed to a shop and semi-fixed for $160.  The van is drivable again and I guess that’s good.

Ya, obviously those POS people wrecked a perfectly wonderful sleep spot for me.  Oh well.  Was good while it lasted.

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Van Neighbors 2

The guy didn’t say much. She was my age and she was pumping me for information.  Acted vaguely as if she knew the neighbors.  Said she had lived in the city for 30 years. Assumed I slept in my van!  (I told her no-Gawd, do I look that bad!)  Asked me if I knew where she could get some pain meds!!!

THIS is the kind of free-sleeper I don’t want anywhere near me. A drug-addled, indiscrete fool. And the way she was talking, I think they are planning to sty awhile. Ugh.

I need to get my van out of there PRONTO.

In other news….

My work has been a little challenging lately. A lot of fires to put out but I’m hanging in there.

I will feel better when it’s warm again.  Anything is possible when it’s warm.  I’m just in survival mode until then.  Cocooning when I don’t have to be outside.

Riding my bike everywhere is hard for me mentally.  I can’t be invisible if I’m in public all the time.  I don’t fit in at all either.  I refuse to wear these skin tight legging almost all the women around here where.  Sorry world, I don’t think every Tom, Dick and Harry needs to know every curve of my rear end and my vagina. Sorry to be so crass, but really!  What are women thinking!?  It is no wonder they need anxiety and depression meds.  They are on display and being judged and catalogued constantly.  We are living in an over-sexed society.  I don’t want any part of sex with the eyes of strangers.

And if that last paragraph makes me sound like a weirdo then so be it.  Guilty as charged.

Finally, I THOUGH I overheard someone talking about me today.  They said something like, “I don’t know, substance abuse maybe”.

I have been plagued by this, ever since.  This person is a “christian”.  I thought “christians” aren’t supposed to gossip.  Does this guy realize that I ride my bike all day long in all sorts of weather to keep my jobs which give me money to buy food and that his idle words could ruin my reputation and harm my business and my ability to make money?  God please save me from your christians.

I might be PMSing.  I’m very emotional today.  Thanks for bearing with me.

One more thing.  I’m going to get together with a trusted friend tomorrow and he is going to go over my budget with me and help me get a game plan together for renting a room.

I have had enough of being in the fish bowl.



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Van Neighbors

A couple of days ago I stopped by my van on my bike.  I don’t do this often because I want to be invisible to the good house dwellers that live nearby.  I don’t want them calling the cops.

As soon as I pulled up, I noticed THEM, across the street.  They were in a big black van with the back door OPEN.  I could see the aluminum colored window covers and I should think even a novice could tell that this was  free-sleeper van.

There was also an older model car parked RIGHT behind it with maybe an inch between the bumpers.  That was theirs too.  They are a middle aged couple and they called my over.  Curiousity got the best of me so I went over.


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Despite the “big busts” we see the police make from time to time, I see the police as mostly as advanced welfare, backed by the US government.  A make-work job that relies on money from good people, in order to function.

This morning, I saw a young man on a bike getting pulled over by a cop.  He was a clean cut kid.  What do you suppose his “crime” was?  I doubt there was a victim.  Aren’t police supposed to keep us safe from bad guys?  Where were the police the other day when Patti (one of my readers) was physically knocked down the other day at a public park?

I guarantee that if people were allowed to carry guns around here, that these sorts of things would be much less likely to happen.  BUT NO, anyone, anywhere could fall victim to a serious crime, be unable to protect themselves, while the cops are out collect money from clean cut kids on bikes.

Right after I saw this kid getting financially victimized by a cop, I talked to another biker who said she had been ticketed by a cop for riding the wrong way in a cross walk.  WOW.  $125 it cost her.

Meanwhile there are cartel members firmly entrenched in our city who make money and destroy our community but somehow the cops can’t do anything about it.  That’s because it’s too scary.  It’s easier to pick the pockets of the unarmed.  LOSERS.

Meanwhile, the Black Panthers are walking around Dallas, Texas with guns, intimidating the unarmed populous.  Are THEY going to be arrested or even fined?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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wouldn’t have mattered in tht moment.  You and I would be equally vulnerable in that situation.

I don’t say this to compete but only to suggest that whenever possible, you  bring your husband or son along with you when you walk your dog.  Please don’t be lulled into a false sense of security and get seriously hurt!

Sorry about typos and two separate posts. Bad connection.

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Is Van Living Dangerous?

I suppose in some ways it is.  The locks and alarm system mightnot work as well as yours BUT I don’t think people would expect an old van like mine to contain any valuables either, and they would be right.  Most houses though are assumed to have numerous such items, therefore creating a much more enticing target.

My advice to home-dwellers is to frequently re-assess your neighborhood for safety and plan accordingly.  Patti, my friend, I hope I can call you that,  the incident in the park is a big red flag for me.  When three men feel comfortable targeting a middle aged woman, it spells big trouble.  I mean no disrespect but those men could have hurt you badly and having a house,  husband

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How’s That Working Out For You?

I have a woman friend that doesn’t approve of me free-sleeping in my van.  One day, I was having a bad day and she said regarding my alternative lifestyle, “How’s that working out for you?”

I still like this friend because she and her husband have been very supportive of me BUT this thing she said to me was a programmed response and I didn’t like it at all.

For years, television, films, magazines, newspapers etc. have portrayed free-sleeping as a horrible, horrible thing.  They have portrayed being homeless (or being “poor”) as worse, even than pedophilia, I would say, otherwise, where are all the stories about sick pedos and their pathetic lives?

Most free-sleepers (Homeless, as they call them) are portrayed as either one or two things.  Chemically addicted to drugs and/or alcohol or mentally ill.  Sad music is played when portraying homeless people, usually so you will give money and also work your ass off (and pay lots of taxes) so that you will NEVER EVER find yourself homeless.

Well I happen to know of a number of free-sleepers though who do not use drugs or abuse alcohol and I don’t believe they are mentally ill either.  Who decides what is mentally ill anyway?  It is a running joke but truism that psychiatrists, psychologists an their families are the most neurotic people there are!  How are they qualified to pronounce judgement on the general population?  Many of them are even addicted to pharmaceutical drugs!

Anyway, the powers that be don’t want the middle class, the working class, or the working-a-LOT -for-very-little-class to know how freeing free-sleeping can be.  If people knew, I think they would choose it more often.  So they (The tax-collectors,  capitalists and other similar enterprises) have to make sure there is a stigma on free-sleeping so that no one want to do it unless forced to.

I feel the stigma every day, even though most people don’t even notice me.  I haven’t been a tv watcher for years but I still feel it.  I feel like I have a big sign on my head that reads, “Homeless”.

Lately, because it is winter,I feel it more than ever because it’s harder for me to blend in.  While the upper middle class (and even wealthy) women around me, just throw a scarf on when going outside…no jacket sometimes, even in the worst weather….I dress for a day outside.  I’m wearing a long wool coat, hat and gloves.  This morning, I even put a pair of stretchy pants on under my long skirt for extra warmth while riding my bike.  I rolled the legs up so no one would see.  At some point though one of the pant legs came down.  Ugh.  I hope no one noticed my “screaming homeless” asymmetrical outfit!

So how’s it working out for me?  I have bad days like anyone else.  Today isn’t one of them.  Even though I probably look homeless or at the very least poor or weird, I’m reasonably happy.  There’s something about braving the cold and getting to my destination in one piece on my bike, in the sunshine and fresh air and making a little money doing something I like without some shyster boss looking over my shoulder trying to make me work like a machine so he or she can get rich off MY LIFE that makes one feel a little victorious.  Yes it’s cold sometimes but I can get warm again.  I won’t die and the sun is still shining.  Screw everyone’s opinion.  Their good opinion won’t buy me a new van or even a cup of coffee.

I understand that my friend is programmed by the current powers to see my free-sleeping as a bad thing and she thinks maybe she can snap me out of it with her magic words…BUT I asked her how HER life is working out.  She works as a server (waitress) and she is the only White girl that works for the restaurant.  The Mexicans gang up on her, especially one of them and she is miserable about it.  Her husband HATES his job working for a large corporation too and abhors his commute in bumper to bumper traffic every day.  They have rent control (good) but their rent is still very high, considering their neighborhood has really gone down hill these last few years.  Her and her husband are less happy than me, even though they have a home, running vehicles and other niceties.  She knows it, and I know it.  She had nothing to say to my question.

This is a long post so if you are still reading, thanks.  Maybe when I am not free-sleeping anymore, if that day ever comes, I will “come out” like gay people do to bring more awareness to free-sleeping.  Gay people are told they are courageous and wonderful when they come out as having sex with their own sex (almost like having sex with yourself, come to think of it).  Will the powers that be give me a parade for being a brave free-sleeper and coming out of the closet as formerly homeless person?  Methinks not!  I hope my smart readers will ask themselves why this is.




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Ugh, it’s raining again.  I bought 4 rain ponchos for $1.99 each at a dollar store.  They tear easily and I want to make sure I always have one.  I will be riding my bike to my jobs today, as usual so I need to try to stay dry!

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