I really like writing this blog.  I don’t have to force myself to do it.  I like sharing my ideas and getting feedback.  Sometimes I even take the advise I am given.  :)

I have been thinking that a story of someone who drops out of society, lives like a bum for a couple of years, then goes on to have a very successful business might appeal to some people.  So I was thinking, after I make my millions, that I should become a motivational speaker.  If you are in demand you can make $6,10, 25k per speaking engagement.  Course, that will be chump change to me by then.  Hahaha!

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Money (again!)

Ryu made a comment:

Money is a strange thing. Have you ever considered it? One man cannot be 20x smarter, or 20x stronger than another man. He cannot live even twice as long as another. Yet, one man might have 100 billion, and another, nothing. It’s very weird. Unnatural even.

Yes it is strange and unnatural.  I’m pretty sure that the men who make 20x or more than the average guy are VERY focused on money.  They think about the acquisition of it most of the time. 

If I was like them, I would probably NOT be posting here but rather working on money making stuff for my business.  For me though, I am more comfortable writing here, I guess.  It doesn’t require much of me. 

One of the Youtube videos I have been listening to (I think it’s Brian Tracy but he is quoting someone else) says that if you don’t have the vision and self discipline to work at your goals, you are destined to work for a man that does.  AND (this is me talking right now) if you are the employee, your boss will force the discipline on you BUT HE or SHE will make the big money. 

So if you have to work 40-50 hours a week anyway, why not get yourself in the position to make great money?

One of the hardest things for me right now is that I am physically tired when I finish my day’s work and don’t feel like doing the writing I need to do.  Still, I don’t want to give up.  I’ve just got to do the best I can.

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Email from Miss M.-Future Free-Sleeper

Reprinted with permission.

Love your Blog…
 Am rapidly facing Homelessness (approx. 2 months or so–will
 fly by). No way will I go to a shelter (long waiting list
 anyway). I have a car, am employed, sane, and have no
 addictions or dependents. What is the best minivan to
 purchase? My major concerns are the obvious: the police,
 thugs and safety, where to park, when to sleep,
 hygiene, anyone who knows me finding out about my situation.
 I’ve read just about every article on homelessness &
 vehicle living I can find, and I still have questions. My
 son moved out of our shared apt (he’s 23), and he couldn’t
 care less about what happens to me (sad to say). I cannot
 keep this place going on my income, and have been refused a
 set schedule, in order to obtain a second job. So, I’m going
 to basically lose this roof over my head. I have no one else
 to turn to. I’m 55, female, Vegetarian, in good health, and
 am in FL. Any advice??

This is what I wrote back. 

Well, as far as a van goes, try to get one with tinted windows.  Also, you will likely want to pull out the back seat or seats so that you can lie down comfortably unless you are short enough to be comfortable laying in a back seat.  I tried that for a while and didn’t like it as it felt cramped and it had me up too high where I felt like I was sleeping in a fishbowl.

Other advice…try to sleep in a low crime city.  It is worth the gas to travel to, I think.  And when you get to the spot you are going to sleep in, just walk to the back and lie down.  Try not to get up in the night.  That way, probably no one will know you are even there.  Keep some sort of weapon handy next to your bed, just in case.  I have never even come close to having to use my weapon but it’s good to have, just in case.

Be cautious but not too afraid.  Try to read my posts starting in Sept 2011 for more beginner tips.  It’s really not a bad way of life, for the most part.  I LOVE not paying rent (and utilities!).  It’s freedom.

I also want to mention….

Why not leave your apartment now?  You can use the two months worth of rent to prepare your van etc.  It’s still warm now too.  Summer is the best time to start free-sleeping.  It would be a good way to ease into it.  It’s a little less fun when it’s colder.

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Thanks for all the great comments on my last post.  I am thinking a lot about these business topics and it helps to get feedback.

Ryu mentioned that you have to be a bit of an “asshole” to make it in business.  I used to think that too when I was at the buying side and before I was at the selling side of my own business.  If you, like me had ever been treated casually by prospective buyers and also clients, you might understand that a contract isn’t designed (at least by me) for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage but rather, to make sure that I don’t get taken advantage of.

For instance, some of my clients go on vacation….a lot.  And I lose the income from the days they are gone.  This is time I have set aside for them, so I can’t just replace the income at the drop of a hat.  So I need to protect myself.  If they want to save their place, they need to pay the same thing every month, even if they take off all the time.  That’s reasonable right?  I guess it’s kind of like having me on retainer.  Is that wrong?

I don’t really care that much.  I’m barely even a nominal Christian at this point so whose rules am I following anyway?  We have all sorts of NEW people in this country with their own rules.  I am not going to play by the old rules just so I can live in genteel poverty.  That gets old. 

I’m not saying I’m going to screw people over.  That wouldn’t feel right.  What I am going to do is protect my time AND I’m going to behave in a way that commands a little respect.  I DO know more about the field I work in than most people so I don’t want to be thought of as some replaceable commodity.  SO besides having a contract, I shall also endeavor to differentiate myself from the others who work in my field and provide VALUE VALUE VALUE.  If I don’t people can move on.  I will let the market decide.

I also want to address selling an “elite service” to elites.  Frankly, the middle class is going away.  Most people are either going to be rich or poor.  SO if I want to make the best use of my time and survive/thrive into the future, who would it be best to work with?  I’m not Walmart.  My energy and resources are limited.  Best to work less for more money, yes?

As far as intimidating people “so they feel insecure” goes, this is completely unnecessary.  Most people are already insecure so I am just giving them a good person to depend on for their particular problem (me) so they can feel better.  I’m not going to hurt them in any way…only help them.  If they don’t feel like I helped them enough, they will find someone else.  Again, the market will decide.  AND some people are never happy and that’s okay too.

Thanks for reading and giving me an excuse to write this all out.  My mind has changed about a lot of things.  I have a few things I still want in this life (travel to visit family etc.) and money is necessary for these things.  Money isn’t evil.  It is a tool that can be used for good.

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I feel pretty good right now because I accomplished a lot last week.  Sometimes I get giddy with excitement about all the exciting things that are ahead for me if I stay on track. 

I have been listening to a lot of Brian Tracy Youtube Vids and also some by Dan Kennedy.  Brian Tracy talks a lot about self discipline and Dan Kennedy talks about postioning.  So Brian helps me set goals, keep looking at them (I’m actually supposed to write them out everyday but I’m at about twice a week) and work my but off.  

Dan, on the other hand, talks a lot about positioning so that I get good clients.  A good client is someone who LOVES your services and practically throws money at you…or at the very least, can’t imagine life without you.  A bad client is always trying to hammer you on price while making more and more demands on you.   It’s great to work hard but working hard and getting pummelled by some low-life is not where it’s at.  You want your work to be appreciated-MONETARILY, since that’s the number one reason ya go to work everyday right?

Positioning reminds me of “frame”.  My frame is, I am one of the best providers of ___________(my business) in the area and I have limited time so I have to protect it.  When I meet a client for the first time before they hire me, I am interviewing them, as much or more than they are interviewing me.  And I may or may not want to work with them.  The situation has to be right for me too.

I also am putting contracts together so that people will stop wasting my time.  One of the things that happens to me is people hire me then call me a few days later to cancel, for various reasons.  I am going to require a non-refundable deposit of $50 (I think) to be applied to the services and I’m going to require a signed contract to save their place.  There’s no real risk to this for me as I will already be at their house and it will be part of my presentation.  Everything will lead to this contract and they will have to write me a check.  I will have to memorize this presentation and take charge of the interview.  (Stay in my frame). 

The reason I am doing all this is, I have been letting the prospective client control everything and most of them don’t even know what they want.  Honestly, we live in a weird society of kind of helpless people and they are looking for guidance from experts.  I am going to guide them in the right direction (to me, the expert) because I really DO provide a great service.  They need me.  And if they are just wasting me time and flip-flopping around, they are at least going to pay me for my time in coming to their house and speaking with them. 

I don’t really like playing hardball like this but I have had SO many disappointments lately with these flip floppers.  (Hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth)  I need to take some of my power back and I will look less desperate and people will respect me more, I think, if I take care of myself. 

I’ll bet my readers never thought I’d be blogging about THIS sort of stuff did you?


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Business and Sleep Spots

Business:  Well nothing ever goes quickly when you are trying to work with some government entity or other and they MAKE you do it.  Either I screw something up or they do.  I really expect better from THEM since it is what they do all day but…whatchagonnado?  Maybe things will be different some day.

My favorite sleep spot had some kind of sign on it last nite.  It looked official and it was from “the city” so I didn’t park there. 

The night before I awoke around dawn and the light was just right to see throught the green mesh-like material that was covering the chain-link fence surrounding the house I am parked in front of.  There was grafitti all over the house!  Big huge letters.  I wonder if gang-bangers have been squatting there?  I have heard noises some nights.  Maybe that is why there is an official sign in front of the house now.  I am dying to know what it says but I will have to walk in daylight to see it, not at night.  Too scary to get out of the van at night. 

Can you see the bumble bee in the “header” photo at the top of this blog?

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The Other Side of the Story

It’s funny how different people can see a situation in an entirely different way, depending on their mindset.

When the beautiful little bird landed on my skirt yesterday I was delighted.  Maybe he thought I was a flower!  It was so fun!

The friend I was sitting with did NOT think it was fun though.  She is grieving the death of a pet and she was SO SURE something was wrong with the little bird and that it was going to die in her yard.  She ran inside! 

I feel sorry for my friend (and I’m not judging her) but it just goes to show that your frame of mind can really affect how you see things.

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Amazing Dream Came True!!

If you’ve been reading here awhile you know I’m a dreamer. 

I have always dreamed of wild animals being really comfortable with me.  I have fantasized about wild birds alighting on my finger like in the old Disney Cinderella movie.  She was so sweet and good the animals couldn’t stay away!

A couple of years ago, I saw a youtube video where people had trained wild birds to come and hangout like that.  I couldn’t believe it.  I imagine they spent a lot of time working on this.

Ok, so today, I am sitting outside of a friend’s house talking and a bird was suddenly on my SKIRT!  I don’t know how it got there.  I just notice it all of a sudden.  I looked at it, then in a moment it was gone!  He flew away.

Now the weird part.  I’m not sure but he may have actually, accidentally ridden in my van with me before I got to my friend’s house.  See, I saw a little half bird egg on the ground.  I picked it up and stashed it in a flower pot that was nearby.  Then I went back and forth across town before I got to my friend’s house. 

Is it possible this bird had just hatched out of the egg???  Probably not…he was a little too big and could already fly.  Still a weird coincidence. 

My brother died some years ago and he loved birdsbird.  I was devastated by the loss of my brother and asked God for a sign that he was okay.  The next day a bird flew up and hit the sliding glass door of my home, probably not realizing it was glass(as birds often do).  It fell to the ground stunned but then quickly flew off, unharmed.  I took that as a sign that my brother was at peace and free.  I wonder what today’s bird meant?

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Loneliness was strong last nite.  I think the main reason for that is that I spent an hour or so in a coffee shop before I went to bed.  I’m sure the sad music they play in those places is designed to make you feel bad so you will buy sweets and other food to go wityh your coffee.  We humans are so easily manipulated…and I’m no different than ayone else.  At least I am beginning to be aware of the little tricks now soI can ignore them.

I am in charge of my emotions.  AND I talked to no less than 2 family members and 5 friends.  I’m not exactly living in solitar confinement here! So my so-called loneliness was only the manufactured kind.  Good to remember.  When I went to the gym at 830 in the eveninbhg a couple of times this week, took yoga, soaked in the hot tub took a long shower, i didnt feel lonely at all. Probably because the music the,, is upbeat.  It doesnt hurt that the yoga tires me out either.

In think it is important to look at these situations from time to time especially if we are a little prone to emotionalism from time to time.  I dont want some nameless, faceless corporate entity deciding how I should feel.

One more thing. When it comes to parking at nite

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I finally took a yoga class the other nite and I’m going to take it tonight too. 

So far it’s cool and it is so challenging to twist your body into a pretzel and balance on one foot etc. that I can’t think of anything else while I’m doing it.  This is good because I have a very busy head and it isn’t very kind to me. 

I’m also going to take an aqua class soon and some other class that I can’t remember right now.  Going to a class makes me feel like I am part of something…and sometimes that is okay.

Oh and have I told you all that I have been very moody lately?  My friends are driving me nuts.  It’s not them, it’s me.  Things that wouldn’t normally bother me much are making me want to run away from people and never come back.  Ugh.  I think it’s my hormones.  Double Ugh.

And I have decided that I have to drink less alcohol than ever because when I drink, the next day I feel depressed.  Who needs THAT?

I’ve been doing some red-tape stuff for my business lately.  No sense in building a nice lucrative business and having it go up in smoke because you forgot to dot an i or cross a t right?  I am kind of terrible with this tedious stuff though.  I hope I get through it in a timely manner and don’t forget it or something.  Seriously.  I must lay a proper foundation.

Gotta remember my goal-to help my child pay off student loans.  And other important stuff. 

Bye for now.


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