Older People

I think one of the ways I am going to make money is from older people.  I also think that they don’t always need physical help as much as emotional help.  I don’t mean that in a nasty way at all.  I think everyone knows that a lot of older people are lonely.  They try to think of clever things to say to keep you talking longer because they Don’t. Want. You. To. Leave.

There are currently three older people in the last week that have hired me for short periods this way.  Two I have known for over a year.  One I just met a couple of months ago.  Thing is, I have always enjoyed the company of people older than myself so to get paid for hanging out doing lite work for them is no great sacrifice EXCEPT…

One of the people (a man) I am going to help is kind of a drinker and says inappropriate things sometimes.  I might have to charge him extra.  I am going to start “working” for him today.  I made sure his wife is aware of the situation.  They are actually wealthy and I don’t want her to think for a minute that I’m trying to steal her husband away.  She’s wife number 3!  No amount of money could make me want to share my bed with an Alkie.  I love them from afar!

So the hardest part of working for these folks will be tearing myself away and not feeling guilty.  They have a way of making me feel guilty.  Still, I imagine sometimes their problems are of their own making.  To a great extent we create our world…especially our relationships.  I must remember this for myself because when I am old, I’m probably not going to be able to afford to pay people to visit me.

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Favorite Spot and Trashy Treasure

Here are a couple of photos from one of my favorite spots.  I visited there yesterday.  It’s a little out of my way so I don’t always want to use the gas to go there.

0226151342a0226151347 0226151346aI always feel refreshed when I go here.  There’s a nice breeze from the water, it’s quiet and there are no homeless people around to remind me of unhappy things.  I can just enjoy nature.  Quiet to me is a dwindling resource.

Around 10 years ago to live in a ghetto and perhaps once a week or two there would be a police helicopter looking for someone and I hated to hear it.  Now, in this “nicer” area, a noisy police helicopter is over my head every day.  I resent the intrusion.

I try to drive down alleys whenever possible now when I’m on my way to work or whatever, looking for things that people are throwing away that I might be able to sell.  Some people actually make a practice of doing this every morning…going up and down alleys  but I’m not sure I should spend the gas money on this until I’m fairly sure it is profitable.  Yesterday I found a surfboard.  It has a small crack in the front but the owner of a surfshop says it might be worth $80 as is.  I think he was just being nice.  I listed it on Craigslist for $50 or best offer.  I would be happy to get $20.  I actually had it in the van last night when I slept.  I need to unload it!

Ya have to be careful with this sort of thing because if things don’t sell you have to be willing to face that…that you made a “mistake” about its value and that you have to throw it away.  Otherwise you end up with a storage unit (or worse yet a vehicle!!) full of junk. I don’t want to end up on that Hoarders show!


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Help Me Raise My Stats?

I wasn’t going to do this because I’m a private person BUT I’ve decided to put a “widget” on my page that shows my stats.  Stats are like a report card of how my blog is doing.  How popular it is.  Ah, it’s like highschool all over again.

Most of what is listed there has to do with “backlinks”.  The idea is that if I am interesting, lots of people with blogs (or not) will want to tell people (online) about my site and they will post my web address on their page somewhere.  What actually happens in real life is that blog people sort of get to know each other and make a concerted effort to link to each other.  Kind of phony but that’s how it works.

People actually used to BUY these links but after about 100 years of this (I exaggerate), google got wise (got tired of the complaints) and started penalizing website owners for cheating.  Still, many of those owners made literal millions cheating that way.  Imagine if these suckers actually had to do real work.  They’d probably jump out a window if such a fate were forced on them.

Anyway, I hope I’m not being boring and/or selfish but I was wondering if you guys and gals would like to help me raise my stats?  We could watch them go up together.  It might be fun.

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I have heard in the past that some people allow themselves to be overweight in order to protect themselves from relationships.  I have also heard that people allow their homes to go into chaos (massive clutter), so they have an excuse not to have people over.  Do you folks believe this is the case with some people?

I’m pretty sure that I am a free-sleeper in order to protect myself from savage employers.  And I’m not ashamed to say it.  There are other friends who might use having children or even pets not to do certain things.  And maybe that’s ok.

The job people just take their meds or drink their booze after work to get through it.  I have been in the homes of many wealthy people and they always have alcohol on hand…dirty wine glasses in the sink, etc.

So whatever you’ve got to do to get through it…it’s alright by me.  As for me, I’m going to keep doing this my way for a while.

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Morning Church

Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve been using the free food services lately.  Something ALWAYS happens at this one church around here.  Some people call this place the devil’s playground.

For some reason people think they can act out at this church.  Yesterday a girl who has gone batshit crazy on meth came to the window where we were eating and sang about how much she loved us.  She looked like a Mary Poppins type.  She’s pretty and a good singer but she has a dark side and a sad side too.  Today another lady got irate about people cutting in line and she couldn’t stop ranting about it.  This doesn’t happen anywhere else that I’m aware of around here, except that church.  And a lot of people go to more than one place.   I don’t understand what it is about this church that brings this out insanity in people.  Are there evil spirits there?  Another guy was getting teased a couple of days ago and came at one of the guys that was doing it…he just basically messed up the other guy’s hair but boy was he angry!  I’m glad these people don’t own guns!  It’s a little scary.  One time this same guy got scared, I guess and burst in the room yelling “Stand Down!!”  I almost dove under the table on that one!  I guess people get used to these things eventually but never hurts to protect yourself.

Man, someone’s going to kill me for writing this stuff out.  I’m not naming names okay!?

I guess I’m the last to know but unless she has money coming in somewhere, a woman is going to end up prostituting herself if she gets addicted to drugs.  I don’t know what kind of man takes advantage of a woman this way.  It’s not cool.  I wish I could make it stop.

There’s other stuff going on too.  There is danger all around me.  That’s the truth.  But you don’t have to be a free-sleeper to realize this.

Onto another topic; does anyone know what kind of plant/flower this is?  I took the photo yesterday and can’t find any photo like it in a google search.  flowerI doubt it is indigenous to the area and it was in someone’s garden.

Have a nice day.

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Fun With C

I had a nice morning.  I went to a church where they were serving breakfast burritos (yay meat!) and I drank 3 small cups of coffee.  I listened to the preaching.  I watched people tweak out.  Tweakers, from far away seem very animated and interesting but then when they get up close you realize that they are speaking nothing but nonsense.  Still, you can tell which ones are nice and which ones aren’t.  It’s hard to hide who you are when you’re tweaking and most of the people around here are pretty nice overall.

It’s amazing how many people at the church who are either homeless or poor enough to come for a free meal, know about the bible.  It’s quite impressive.  Maybe some have time to read it all day.  I guess I can think of worse things to do with your time.

After breakfast I visited with C.  She made tea and I threw in a load of my laundry and brought in some firewood for her fireplace.  On cool nights she almost always has a fire going.  It’s quite wonderful.


Off to work now.  I’m trying to time it just right so I can get to the soup kitchen before it closes.  On the best days I can get my lunch there and dinner too (a very nice packaged salad from Trader Joe’s).  Yum!  Darn now my tummy’s rumbling!

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Cotton Tree

Saw this tree the other day in the most unlikely spot.  It has big hard shell pods that open up and what’s inside looks like a cluster of cotton balls!  ‘Cept not as white.  I did a quick google photo search and I believe this tree is called a Silk Cotton Tree.  I wonder if one could make a t-shirt out the cotton balls?cotton tree

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Staying Organized While Free-Sleeping (AKA Homeless)

Or perhaps I should say getting organized.

One thing I have done for a long time is leave myself messages.  I learned long ago, before I had a cell phone even, that I could email messages (texts) to people with cell phones and they could send messages back to my email address.  Now I use my cell phone to text messages to my email address.  It helps since my brain is fuzzy a lot.  When I sit down to my computer in the evening (usually) I have a small list of to-dos that I texted there the day before.

I think I have a fuzzy brain partly because I want to do too many things and also as a defense mechanism as I mentioned a couple of posts back.  I have a lot of interests BUT I am trying to focus on just a few now.(in no particular order)  1.  My primary business  2.  This blog-making it better and promoting it so I can make a bit of money from it 3.  God/Family  4.  Friends

I am also going to have bloodwork done the 16th of next month.  I have to fast for 12 hours overnight for this.  I hope I don’t forget.  I think maybe my thyroid is off, and if it is, I want to fix it.  I don’t have a ton of faith in modern medicine but they are decent at a few things.  I have seen women who take thyroid medication lose weight and gain energy although, it takes a while to get the dosage just right.  I’m a little nervous about messing with my body that way but I think it’s time to take a risk.   Hopefully I won’t catch any diseases when I go to the clinic.  Ugh.

Funny text:


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Makeshift “Donation” Button and Forum

I don’t like having a sticky about paying money at the top of my blog so I have attempted to make my own “button” of sorts.  It’s pretty rough huh?  But I don’t have time to be perfect so this will have to do for now. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Also, I put up a new topic on the forum.  I’m very ashamed that I have neglected it.  I couldn’t even remember what I had used for an email address!  I’m going to try to do better and if anyone has ideas for topics let me know and I will start a new thread (I’m pretty sure that “the admin”, me is the only one allowed to do this)


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Cleaned up the Sidebar

Wow, what a mess the right side of my blog was.  I don’t know how it got that way!  All cleaned up now.

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